Volgan Park

A large, high class district in the western part of the Fusion City downtown. Tightly Packed with highrises, upper class residental neighborhoods and corporate installations, Volgan Park is a good place to live and work.


The central parts of Volgan Park are so tightly stacked with tall, glass highrises that the view from the street is more akin to a glass-lined maze than a city district. Like most downtown districts, Volgan Park is packed with neon advertisements, commercial ventures and every pleasure under the sun. You can't walk 20 meters without getting blasted by some form ad, usually accompanied by it loudly shouting your name, reading it off of your ID-tag.

— Obnoxious advertisement

Getting around Volgan Park is relatively simple as most roads are built with pedestrian overpasses (the Tubes) and the Interrail has several stations throughout the district.


Volgan Park is a high class district where apartment prices are as sky high as the buildings. If you're going to live in Volgan Park, you better have an income to support it. Most service are also more expensive here. They know where they are and they have the sense to demand prices accordingly.

As a result of the heinous prices, Volgan Park is populated almost exclusively by B2+ citizens. They are the only people who are able to afford the extravagant living.

Available Services

Being a downtown district close to the city center most everything you can imagine is available in terms of services. You have plenty of posh restaurants, cheap takeout joints, bars, night clubs, brothels, sensomats and luxury stores. As previously mentioned, getting around is real easy with ready access to public transport, thousands of cabs and a lot of Volgan Park residents also have cars of their own. Traffic can sometimes get a bit hectic, but it's manageable.

Corporate Interests

With close access to Central Rise and tens of thousands of well-educated citizens, Volgan Park is full of corporate headquarters, offices, research and development facilites and sales offices. One of the larger corporations to house most of their important facilities in Volgan Park is the Mgwele Conglomerate. In particular, their subsidiary Mgwele Neurologics have their headquarters in central Volgan Park, in an ostentatious, gold-coloured glass pyramid.

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It doesn't seem finished, but I like it already. I'm really curious about what the ad says! I did find something if you'd like to know.   "20 meters without getting blasted by some form ad, usually accompanied by it loudly shouting your name, reading it off of your ID-tag"   Idk if "Form ad" is a noun or its meant to be "form of ad, just wanted to make sure XD   On the other side, I love the idea. It's scary that the ads read ids and cater their ads to you.... oh wait... ;)   The best cyberpunk is the kind that feels plausible enough to happen in real life, and this is a scary, damn near sure to happen, kind of possible.     I like the idea of it being like a beverly hills kind of place. I was going to ask what kind of people would be able to live, then saw the link. Definitely want to check that out cause I'm curious. Great work as always!

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