Sekyra Askatir (a.k.a. Valeris) (She/Her)

Valeris is an infamous jinx on par with Verde "Drax" Raja. She is a freelancer, loosely affiliated with the Goptah gang and considering her substantial cybernetic modifications, she fits right in. There is little left of the girl born Sekyra. She is more machine than woman, and she. hates. Everything.

"I tell ya, I've never seen anything like this." The grizzled detective stared at the carnage on display. There was blood everywhere, even splattered over the ceiling. You couldn't tell where one body ended and another began.
His collegue scoffed. "First time?"
The detective stared at him. "What?"
"Whenever she gets gets messy."

— the handiwork of Valeris

Valeris the Destroyer

Not much is public knowledge about Valeris' actual past. Someone, likely herself, has done a diligent job of cleaning the records up as much as possible. What is known about her is recent history, and it is rich with rumor, legend and hearsay.

Valeris is described as a killing machine, literally. Her entire organic body has been replaced by a cybernetic combat chassis, both her eyes are synthetic and she has more neural implants than you can imagine. Her entire career has been laid out to do only one thing; make her a more effective killing machine.


Valeris' body is a military grade combat chassis, built largely from customized extremities. The torso is entirely custom built, designed by Valeris and the finest Goptah engineers. There are exceptionally few people who go through a full torso replacement, and the vast majority of those who do, do it for medical reasons. Valeris did it for durability and performance. She didn't want to be limited by such pesky things as oxygen and blood flow. Her entire chassis is built to withstand extreme punishment and perform at many times above regular illim bodies.

Her mechanical arms, supported by her composite chassis frame, can lift up to 2,5 metric tonnes without any significant effort on her part. Any more than that, and the frame is at risk of buckling, particularly at the joints. Her hands are capable of producing grip pressures strong enough to shatter concrete and treat car chassis like tinfoil.

She has reportedly been shot over 150 times without sustaining crippling injury. One story tells of her taking a 20mm explosive cannon shell to the shoulder and only partially losing function in her left arm. Her chassis is suspected to be able to absorb, deflect or at least be largely unaffected by ammunition up to and above most common rifles. Even .50 cal rifles would do only surface-level damage to her hardened battle chassis. Valeris is a battletank in walking form, and she wants more.


Not only Valeris' body is modified, her mind is too. Valeris has multiple experimental Mgwele Neurologics and Marek Accoutrement implants, all supplementing her combat abilities. She has a sensor suite, coordinating all her sensations like eye sight (enhanced by her Ocular Implants), hearing (enhanced by Aural Implants), touch, smell, nociception, pressure sensitivity and many others. All are coordinated by the sensor suite and routed to a modified NeuroComp.

While her mind, personality and thoughts are still her own, she is as much a computer as she is a person. Her senses, reactions and abilities are all heavily enhanced by her implants. She is able to sense changes in air pressure, effectively telling her if someone or something is moving near her.

Personality and abilties

Valeris is described as efficient, cold and businesslike. She has no time for pleasantries and get annoyed at people failing to get to the point. She seems highly intelligent and might even suffer from some form of impulsive disorder, as she has barely any patience for people not living up to her tempo.

She bears the nickname "The Destroyer", even though she always introduces herself as "Valeris", although that's not her given name. "The Destroyer" was awarded to her because of her unsettlingly brutal approach to any combat. She's not content with just defeating the opposing force. She has to decimate them. Destroy them, if you will.

Valeris will go out of her way to kill people in the most final way. Blowing them up, dismembering them, leaving barely anything left to even identify. Some who have worked with her claim she even goes out of her way to find wounded and escaping individuals and making sure they are dead.

CAA and Trauma

Sekyra, the individual, is rumored to suffer from a number of neurological disorders, likely caused by past trauma and genetics. She displays behaviours reminiscent of ADHD, bipolar personality disorder and borderline personality disorder. Her extreme body modifications, while she claims they are for her own benefit as a combat operative, are strongly indicative of Cybernetic Alteration Addiction.

It is unknown if she recieves treatment for, or even actually suffers from, any of these perceived disorders. The society of Fusion City is not one that talks, or even cares, about mental health, so it is unlikely someone in Sekyra's position would see fit to seek help. It would likely ruin her reputation, and she may even think herself weak if she did. It is much more likely she finds new ways to cope.

Regardless of her possible disorders, she has clearly chosen violence and ruthlessness. If it's a coping mechanism or just something she enjoys is unknown to us. But it is her choice.


Irrespective of her mental status, she is unquestionably one of the most effective and ruthless operatives that exist. If you hire Valeris to do a job, expect it to be done in the most spectacularly bloody way possible. She is the perfect agent if you want to send a clear message to someone.

Mood music

Current Location
Biological Sex
Cyborg (born female)
Pale blond
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale pink
182 cm
167 kg
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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