True Mutant

True Mutants are fundamentally changed on a most basal level and no longer resemble their origin species and in most cases not even an autopsy can tell what species they used to be. They have wildly different anatomy, completely alien to this world. Some appear to not even be capable of sustaining life, but they are somehow still alive.

Wasteland Mutant
Wasteland 2 Concept Art

Some mutations are just too horrible to describe, much less experience. Most scientist agree that true mutants originate from one of the five main species and simply have suffered too much shade corruption during gestation or in life that they've developed extreme mutations to the point of no longer being even remotely reminiscent of their original species at all.

Many true mutants are wholly alien in appearance and may not even have the correct amount of limbs or body shape. True mutants come in all shapes and forms, but they all share one common trait: They are extraordinarily resilient creatures.

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A faction of true mutants, led by an enigmatic entity only known as the "Processor", hellbent on converting the world to mutants. They believe ascension through mutation is the only way forward for the evolution of the world.

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Mutants are a subspecies of the Kykr species. Commonly mutated during gestation and born with mutations, mutants are second class citizens, at best, at the bottom of the societal ladder.

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