To my followers (CotC)

Greetings and salutations!   I absolutely love the fact that you follow my worlds and my work. It gives me great joy that you enjoy what I do. I'm writing this both as a THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, and also as a reach-out for your help.   As you may or may not know, I am a game designer and a world builder. I've been working on CD10 and it's connected settings for over 15 years and thanks to WorldAnvil and a huge improvement in physical health, I've been able to devote much more energy to writing and designing, which has put the worlds and rule system very near completion and publishing.   So what I'm looking to do now is to commission art for the project and get the game ready for publishing digitally. This is the most expensive part, and I simply cannot do it alone. So for this reason I have started a Ko-Fi page for Beyond Reality (my company name) where you can help me get this project published and be a part of its design and development!   As a thank you for your help there are plenty of perks available to you. Have a look at the Ko-Fi page (link below) to see what would fit you!   Please, consider becoming a supporter if you love the project. If you become a play-tester as well, you not only get early access to the system, but you can help develop it in a direction you enjoy!   Beyond Reality Ko-Fi   Can't commit to a monthly support? Every little bit helps, and you could buy me a coffee instead!

Cover image: by CC BY, Modified by Tobias Linder


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