Thallium-203 is an extremely rare metal, found only in tiny pockets in the world. It is an important metal because it can be transmuted into Thallium-204, which is a room-temperature superconductor metal vital for high-end electronics industry.

Physical Characteristics

Thallium-203, in its natural state, is a silvery metal, commonly diffused in rock layers in the world. It is extracted and refined into Thallium powder which can then be processed and transmuted into Thallium-204. Thallium-203 is much more stable than Thallium-204, which is why the transmutation process is commonly performed near the site of construction or use, as transportation of the highly toxic Thallium-204 would pose a huge health risk.


Thallium-203 is a stable, relatively unremarkable metal with few uses in the world. However, when transmuted into Thallium-204 it has several applications in the electronics and science sectors. It aslo becomes highly toxic and must be handled with great care.

  Thallium-204 is a room-temperature superconductor, allowing it to be used for advanced electronics. Without Thallium-204, much of today's technology would not be possible.   Thallium-204, however, is sensitive to temperature changes and will melt at only 90 degrees, necessitating cooling for applications where it might gain too much heat.  

Geology / Geography

Thallium-203 is extremely rare in the world, which means that it's also expensive. However, with exploration of The Abyss, Thallium has been located on several floating islands in the Abyss and many corporations, notably ThalCorp Industries, have begun extracting large quantities of Thallium from these islands, bringing them great profits, as well as driving prices down.

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