The Sirens are a secret organization made up primarily of psions with an affinity for mind alteration, manipulation and subterfuge. Psions are a unique phenomenon that appeared following the Cataclysm, believed to be a result of perfect shade poisoning of infants in the perimeter districts of Fusion City.

Among the psion population it is believed that the mere idea of an organization like the Sirens is responsible for the vast majority of persecution the psions suffer at the hands of the kykr.

"This is not we agreed on! How dare you?" Dorbak was infuriated. His indignation hanging on his face like a twisted mask of anger.

"The deal has been altered, councillor. This will be better for the both of us." Zeiveka smiled. She brushed some imagined piece of dust off of the fur on the back of her hand. "Trust me."

Dorbak gritted his teeth and stretched his back, puffed his chest and made his already corpulent figure tower even more.

"I will be not be treated as goddamn puppet. I am in charge here, you mutant scum!"

Zeiveka's smile disappeared as she turned her head to stare him directly in the eyes. Her face wore a look of absolute disgust and hatred.

"Do you feel like you are in control, maggot?" Her voice echoed inside Dorbak's head, sending waves of excruciating pain through his nervous system. "You will do as you are asked, or we will either make you or find someone else who will. You are disposable, insect."


The Sirens are by no means a benevolent organization. Psions are as much hated as they are feared by the kykr and the Sirens heavily lean into that fear. They are well aware of what their abilities allow them to do and they hone and fine tune these abilities to further their own goals.

Leave us alone

While the crushing majority of the, arguably small, population of psions just want to be left alone, without persecution, hate or fear, the Sirens see themselves as the rightful masters of the universe. They are vastly superior to other kykr, so why should they not rule everything?

World domination

Through the use of mind-altering, suggestion, manipulation and domination, the Sirens work to get their operatives into positions of power where they can influence the world. They are far too few to effectively control the world directly, but they are certainly capable of building a huge web of influence and control, especially since all of the world's power is focused in Fusion City.


No one really knows if the Sirens actually exist, more than the people who have had direct interactions with them. They are as much a figment of the kykr's fear of the unknown and supernatural as they are a real organization made up of exactly what the kykr fear.

The big difference between the kykr's perception and the truth is that while the Sirens do exist, they are but a very small minority of psions, rather than a secret conspiracy made up of all psions in the world, hellbent on the kykr's destruction.

The government and black ops operations looking into psionics are as much looking for the Sirens as they are trying to figure out either how to combat the espers or harness their powers for their own.

The strong shall rule the weak

Founding Date
Some time after 100 PC
Illicit, Terrorist group
Related Ethnicities

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