Shady Frank

Frankart Grudr (a.k.a. Shady Frank)

Frankart "Shady Frank" Grudr is a cybertech surgeon stationed in one of Fusion City's worst districts: Aspen. Shady Frank is most known for taking absolutely any job he's being paid to perform, no matter how immoral or disgusting. He is also known for having a heart of gold and fighting to help the less fortunate.

The cigarette hung, unlit and moist, in the corner of his mouth. Shady Frank stared at the girl with dull disinterest, his eyes barely able to focus on her. He cleared his throat, something that sent him into a hacking cough. Frank wiped his dripping nose and wiped it on his bloodied apron. " wuz yo problem den?" he slurred.

— "Shady" Frank

The shadiest cybersurgeon

Shady Frank didn't earn his nickname for nothing. He's well known for being involved in some absolutely disgusting operations and his cyberclinic looks more like a butcher's workshop than anything related to people's insides. Well, the healthy kind of insides, at least. There's certainly remains of people's insides all over the shop.

Frank's not known for liking to clean up. Thankfully, he does own a couple of desinfector bots that keep his shop from turning into a disease-ridden, stinking infection-hoard, but it still looks exactly like one. There's dried blood and even pieces of viscera all over the floor of his surgeon hall and the clothes Frank wears for the most part are covered in dried blood. Usually he wears a white apron to protect him, but the apron probably doesn't remember ever being white at this point.

Fall from grace

In spite of what everyone thinks of Frank, he didn't start out as a creepy old fart who cuts people up for sport. He was born into one of the richest families of Vault of Heaven, studied at the finest schools and universities Fusion City has to offer. He was destined for great wealth and status, hadn't it been for one tiny little detail.

Adventures in the wrong part of town

Frankart, prior to becoming the disgrace that he is, was adventurous, wild and had incredibly poor judgement. All he had to do was graduate and do his job and he was destined for greatness. But he wasn't really interested in that kind of life. He wishes he was, but he never was. He wanted an adventure. Risk and reward. But above all, he wanted to help people.

This led him down a dangerous path. He moved to the Perimeter and started working at a chop-shop. He believed that the implants he installed were second hand, recycled implants at reduced prices. But the more he worked, the more illegal implants he came across. Frankart's suspicions grew the longer he worked, and one day, his suspicions were confirmed in the most unfortunate way. The Seris Incorporated security forces, backed by Fusion City Police Forces raided the shop under suspicion of chromesnatching.

Frankart had no way out. Not even his family's substantial political power could protect him from this. Or, it could, had his parents been interested in bribing the right people. But they were so taken aback and disgusted by his behaviour that they, then and there, disowned him.

Since Frankart was "just" a surgeon, he escaped being sentenced for murder and theft, but was still sentenced along with the chop-shop runners for enabling the business to continue. It likely didn't make a difference, but he was also unwise enough to testify that he had suspicions, which was used against him in the sentencing.

Disowned and disgraced

Frankart lost everything in a single day. His job, his family, his security, his classification and his license to practice medicine. Everything he had worked for up to this point, lost because he wanted more adventure in his life. Frankart spent the next 20 years in prison, decaying as a person. He never recovered from his mistake and took to illicit substances in order to dull the memories.

Medical genius

Frankart, better known now as just "Frank" for short, had nothing. No future. Without a license and being stuck with a C classificiation, he was doomed to menial jobs for the rest of his life. He figured that if he broke the law once, why not again?

Frankart worked his butt off to gather enough money to buy a shoddy cellar where he could set up shop. He was determined to use his skills to help people, no matter who they were. With street smarts learned in prison, a good business sense and keen intellect, he slowly started accumulating more and more equipment, eventually being able to expand his little clinic to a legit cyberclinic. Well... "legit" is perhaps pushing it.

Drugged haze

A keen street smart wasn't the only thing Frank picked up in prison. He also took on abuse of several illicit substances. He drifts around in a drugged haze for most of the time, his feelings and thoughts dulled to barely anything. Indifferent to the world around him, but still determined to help everyone, "Shady Frank" is a terrifying sight for anyone realising that this person is about to dig into your insides.

His indifference, laziness, constant drinking and constant drugged state makes Shady Frank a terrible cybersurgeon, yet a brilliant one at once. His skills cannot be argued with, but his absolute indifference to proper procedure and appearance makes for a gamble going to him.

The gold-hearted helper

In spite of his shoddy equipment, non-existant sense of hygiene and utter indifference to appearance or pleasantries, Shady Frank has likely saved the lives of countless cyborgs. He will never refuse to help anyone, as long as they pay, and Shady Frank's rates are extremely reasonable, sometimes even as low as a single credit (because he doesn't believe in complete charity. People must pay to value what they've got.)

However, don't think that he's a saint. He is not. He is absolutely not. Frank has no qualms buying implants from chromesnatchers, stealing, hiring goons to break into medical supply transports or anything like that. As long as he gets what he needs, he does not care one bit how he gets it. That's someone else's problem.

But in spite of all this, one thing remains constant: Frank will help anyone, no matter how poor or rotten they are.

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Dark and hazy city nights immersed in the neon lights. People in the shadows fight a higher cause to change their lives

Close my eyes, I try to sleep but in my mind there's no reality.

I'm latching onto all I know, and I’ve no idea where to go.

— Frankart's poetry

Cover image: by CC BY, Modified by Tobias Linder


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