Creatures of the Dark

The "creatures of the dark" story is ancient tale told by parents throughout the ages. It as first recorded over 500 years ago in Nabak, an outpost on the continent of Celenia. It tells the tale of what happens to people who do not "follow the path" or those that succumb to shadow.   500 years ago, the world was very different place where religion and faith was an integral part of society and in every citizen's life. "Straying from the path" meant something back then and those who "embraced the shadow" became ostracized and hunted by the faithful.


Historical basis

When Celenia was first discovered, the nations of the world rushed to the new continent in search for land, riches and resources. The continent was dotted by myriads of ruins of a bygone civilisation, one that seemed far more advanced than the current one.   People soon learned of the mystical "Shade" that permeated many of the shadow scars across the continent, and what could be done with it by those with enough knowledge. The Mystics of the Shadow Order was born from a group of nobles who studied the Shade. They became capable of wielding this energy as if it was magic. These Mystics were feared for their powers, and the Shade seemed to corrupt those that used it, twisting them into selfish, callous and evil people.   It was only natural that people began to fear the Shade and stories arose of those who "strayed from the path of light and embraced the shadow".  

In modern day

The story has survived the passage of time and although Shade has long since been both industrialised and destroyed (through The Cataclysm) and belief in the old gods is a dying, niche belief the story is still told to children even to this day, that one must follow the path to avoid the anger of the gods and stay safe from the creatures of the dark realm.   Of course, it's not exactly told with the same words in these enlightened times. The religious overtones are heavily toned down and "the path" has become more a strive to behave and obey your parents. The core of the story is still there: if you don't behave, the creatures of the shadow realm will come and get you.
Date of First Recording
~ 500 years ago

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