Seris Electronics

Seris Electronics is a megacorporation based in Fusion City that develops and manufactures nanoscale electronic circuitry and devices meant for secure transfer of data. Their most known invention is the technology involved in the Credit Chip.  


[SE] works primarily in the business of electronics with a specialisation on nanoscale circuitry and security. Most of their products are network firewalls and security software solutions. They have been active in the field since before The Cataclysm and are leading in nanoscale electronics. Many of their inventions have found use in different fields such as robotics and cybernetics.  


Seris has a number of subsidiary corporations and each CEO of the subsidiaries acts as a board member in [SE]. Each board member has one vote, aside from the CEO of [SE] whose vote counts for three. This gives [SE] some manner of control over the subsidiaries, but prevent the CEO from going against the board if they hold a significant majority against the proposition.  


Being a mega-corp, Seris has significant economic assets and large stocks of nanoelectronics. They have an in-house R&D department that employs hundreds of scientists and one of Seris' subsidiaries, Seris Aegis, have a full security team that handles security at Seris' facilities.

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Founding Date
2610 AC
Corporation, Manufacturing
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