M'kela Lus (a.k.a. Sefarana) (She/Her)

M'kela "Sefarana" Lus is a famous escort, once employed by the Zanga Brotherhood. She's considered to be one of the most beautiful individuals alive currently and because of her divine beauty, she is dearly sought after by everyone with the money to hire her services. These days, she's freelancing and chooses her clients carefully. She is known for breaking hearts right, left and center, taking in ungodly amounts of money. But despite her heart-crushing reputation, most people seem to think they will be "the one" to finally make her open her heart to them. Fools.




M'kela, better known by her artist name Sefarana, leans very hard into the nartaz stereotype of them being "cute" and adorable. There is no doubt she has sex appeal oozing about her, but she will draw you in with an innocent and cute look and behaviour. But make no mistake, she's in charge and you are nothing more than a stepping stone on her way to fame and glory.

The Temptress

M'kela was born in the outer rim of Majorna, a perimeter district to the southeast of Fusion City. She was born into povery with parents that both heavily abused drugs and spent most of their days either performing criminal activities or lost in a drug-fuelled stupor. M'kela's mother was an unregistered prostitute and her father a minor member of a local gang.

After her father ended up in trouble with his gang, they fled to to the western border of Shinzen Heights, trying to hide in the slums. This is where M'kela's mother came into contact with the Zanga Brotherhood.

The Crimson Triangle

The Zanga operated the Crimson Triangle, a thriving sex-business in the east of Shinzen Heights. In spite of decades of drug abuse, M'kela's mother was a beautiful woman and the Zanga saw potential in using her for their business. She was more or less kidnapped by the Zanga to work for them. The brotherhood "offered" her and M'kela a decent apartment in the Crimson Triangle in exchange for her services in a local brothel. M'kela's father was not allowed to stay with them, and over time, the brotherhood saw to it that they never got to meet at all. Her father died in a street shootout after her not having seen him for almost three years.

The Sex industry

Once M'kela passed puberty and became old enough, the Zanga introduced her to the sex business of the Triangle. Her mother disapproved and wanted M'kela to "have a better life", but the Zanga wouldn't have it. M'kela herself had seen her mother spend her entire adult life performing one sexual service after the other, sometimes in their very home, so she was numb to the abuse-

However, M'kela knew that she had something her mother did not. M'kela was well aware that her appearance fell into a very narrow sweet spot of being attractive to just about anyone and after having spent the last three years in a crime-ridden hellhole, she had the street smarts to talk her way through anything.

While she did agree to work for the Zanga, she quickly established a reputation as a sophisticated and unmatched sex-worker and escort. She turned her body into a weapon with which to defeat anyone who came to abuse it. She didn't stop there. She learned how to understand people, how to manipulate them. How to make them think, feel and do as she wished. It was her way to regain some semblance of control over her life.

What she didn't know herself until recently was that she is a psion and her abilities beautifully complement her social skills. Subtle, but powerful, her psionics are able to help amplify her natural charm and beauty. However, M'kela has not made public knowledge of the fact that she is a psion. She fears that in spite of her popularity and wealth, she would be shunned and rejected by society if they found out.


The last people to want to get involved with the "Queen of Sex" would've been the Children of the Cataclysm, but since being recruited by them, she has become one of the primary advertisers for the Children. It is a subject that seems to come up in just about every interview where she will talk about reconciling her beliefs with her work and how she came to be a believer.

M'kela has long since broken free from the oppressive yoke of the Zanga Brotherhood, and while they would love to still have her working for them, she is, as she herself puts it, "above their paygrade".

Mood Music

Current Location
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Year of Birth
86 PC 31 Years old
Biological Sex
Pink (cosmetic cybernetics)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale gray
176 cm
67 kg
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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