Sadrak Hydroplants

The Sadrak Hydroplants is the largest food producing facility in all of Fusion City. It is also the only hydroplant that allows visitors.



The Sadrak Hydroplants are located in Sadrak Fields in the east of Fusion City and cover most of the district. The hydroplants are built more like a recreational district than a strict food producing facility. There are plenty of parks and greenlands to take a stroll through and these areas are well tended and open to public visits. The farms and production facilities are allowed only for employees.
Alternative Name(s)
Sadrak Fields
Location under
Owning Organization
ʃadɾak (shadrak)


Like most hydroplants the Sadrak hydroplants are carefully enclosed and monitored for atmospheric situations. The plants are divided into several huge areas, each with its own unique atmospheric conditions, enclosed with glassed in roofing. Each area is tailored specifically for one or more plants to be grown at optimal conditions, and the watering system make use of several growth accelerants to allow for several harvests in a year, massively boosting output.   From the outside, the Shadrak Hydroplants look like a collection of glass domes and glass boxes, all lit with an almost incandescent, yellow light. Everything inside these environments is designed to make growth as optimal as possible.  


There is also a research lab connected to the Sadrak Hydroplants where constant research is performed to develop new methods of growing, new accelerants and meticulous testing of everything from grown plants and crops, soil samples, air quality and light bulbs.

Cover image: Hydroponics by Eddie Mendoza


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