A resiblock, commonly refered to simply as a "blok", is an enormous concrete and steel building, rising hundreds of meters into the air, the largest containing over 9 000 apartments housing up to 30 000 people.



The resiblocks were built to house the rapidly growing population of Fusion City well before The Cataclysm. They were meant to be self-sustained neighborhoods with a small footprint. The epitome of vertical living.
Alternative Names
Apartment building / Tenament
In advertisements all across the world these blocks were described as compact, luxurious, paradise dwellings perfect for small families or singles alike. In reality they became the very worst of living spaces; cramped, poorly maintained and overcrowded.   There are several forms of these blocks and each block, while derived from a standard blueprint, is customised to fit a specific purpose and tenant class. While there are blocks that are of higher standard, with larger apartments, most of them ended up becoming the equivalent of slum neighborhoods.   There were many lofty dreams and promises as construction of these monstrosities began, but funding and politics soon put a spanner in the works and most blocks of today are unfinished, poorly maintained and horribly overcrowded. Bare concrete walls line the apartments, sound insulation is non-existant and the "streets" are covered with trash.  


Most blocks are built as a rectangle or square shape, rising towards the sky. In the center of the building is a huge, open area all the way from the bottom floor up to a sunroof, open to the sky, letting light in. Around this open space is a walkway on every level, dubbed "the streets". This walkway allows a person to traverse their entire level.   Apartments line the walkway and here and there, corridors lead further out towards the outside of the building, leading into a corridor that also goes around the building. Each level have four apartments in depth with only the outermost ones having real windows to the outside. The inner three only have windows towards the corridors or the streets respectively.   Each side of the building house at least one elevator shaft, allowing traversal to the other levels. Some levels are commercial centers, but most are apartment levels.   The open space in the middle of the building is often covered in corporate propaganda, advertisements and newscasts. Huge neon signs line the shaft.

Cover image: by CC BY, Modified by Tobias Linder


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