Relay Station 315

Relay Station 315, better known colloquially as "Three-Fifteen", is a ruined science, power and communication's hub in the eastern part of the Morvatian Peninsula, better known by it's modern name, the Akelan Wastes. Thanks to the huge shadow power plants on site, it was utterly devastated in the Cataclysm.

In the modern day, the ruins are heavily polluted by shade and very dangerous.

Technological treasure trove

With the cataclysm destroying over 99% of the world, a lot of technology was lost along with most of the population. This makes these ruins of old valuable equipment and technology desirable to wastelanders and citizens alike.

While the core of the zone is little more than a glassed crater, over 95% of the shadowscars of the world are partially ruined and have a lot of recoverable equipment and knowledge. Relay Station 315 is no different.

Original Purpose

"RS Three-Fifteen" was an industrial and science center providing the majority of power for the western peninsula and housed many scientific installations ran by many different corporations and governments. Tens of thousands of people worked here, both with running the power plants, performing science or substantial maintenance crew.

The primary purpose was a very large power generation station, but the location and geography around the power plant was ideal for building large structures necessary for massive projects. The area around 315 was flat and steppe-like, providing good stability for larger buildings and large ground structures.

The attractive location and geography made 315 grow exponentially into a tech center, employing over 75 000 people at its peak.

The Cataclysm

With the large concentration of shadow power plants and stored shade in the area, the Cataclysm hit 315 especially hard. With the large amount of energy crashing through the veil, hitting the power plants, the explosive energy was unlike anything ever seen on Dunia.

The explosion ignited the unstable shade stored near the powerplants, and a ball of plasma, 45km wide, formed within a second, vaporizing almost anything within range. The ball grew fast, slamming into the dome, 60km above, making it sizzle and glow.

Nothing and no one survived the devastation, and a crater over a kilometer wide, was all that was left of the power plants. Many structures near and around 315 were leveled. Most of what survived was underground bunkers and facilities.

The energy of the explosion made the ground splash like water, damaging even the underground structures. Anything within 10-20km from center of the explosion was leveled.

The ruins

The extreme concentration of shade igniting created a toxic corruption zone over 200km wide. These zones are known as "Shadowscars" and anything in these locations is either killed by the shade toxins or horribly mutated and disfigured into shadebeasts.


315 is highly attractive to wastelanders and corporate interests in Fusion City alike. There is a veritable treasure trove of technology, research and equipment all over the entire zone.

Unfortunately, the shade corruption and shattered buildings make it exceptionally dangerous to traverse the zone. On top of that, mutated beasts and other monstrosities roam the zone and in their crazed state they will attack virtually anything entering their territory.

Limited exploration

Due to the extreme amounts of shade corruption in the zone, exploring it is difficult. Because of it's size, traveling into the zone in order to get anything of value is infeasible due to exposure. The zone is so large that even with vehicles you'll suffer fatal exposure before you reach the valuable areas of the zone.

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Journeyman David_Ulph
David Alexander
12 Jul, 2021 10:12

An intriguing first look into this world! Or at least, this period of time in this world ;-) I've definitely been hooked this articles discussions of what lurks in the ruins and snippits of the greater setting of what's happening outside Three-Fifteen

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
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12 Jul, 2021 13:22

Very exciting and dangerous place! Do they have any kind of protective equipment they can use in presence of the shade? I imagine that even if they do, that would not be enough protection if the contamination is too big anyway just like radiation suit. Do they have way of decontaminating what is brought back from the zone? I imagine if they provide high enough incentives, they can convince some poor people to sacrifice themselves for their family, so there are still way of getting their hands on some stuff...

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12 Jul, 2021 14:04

Yes, a high-grade hazmat suit with a closed-circuit breathing system will protect you almost indefinitely. It will penetrate the suit, but unless you spend several days in a zone, or handle shade directly by touching it, you should be well below dangerous levels wearing proper protection.   Decontamination I haven't really decided on yet. I haven't decided if shade is touch-toxic or if it also "radiates" something. That will determine decontamination protocols.

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9 Aug, 2021 12:02

All those poor people who died during the Cataclysm. I can definitely see why this place would be attractive to people though, despite how dangerous it is.

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