Promised Land

The Promised Land is an independent city-state that lies in the Shadowmark, to the southeast of Fusion City. The Fusion City Communal Authority (FCA) do not recognize the Promised Land and considers it a part of the remnant state of Irdárina. However, since it's made up entirely of mutants, the FCA largely lets them be.


Mutants have always been considered second class citizens at best, even in the Wastelands and are often persecuted, treated badly and generally looked down upon. For this reason, many mutants stick to their own and avoid contact with non-mutants, whom they disparagingly refer to as smoothskin as often as they can. Many mutants have left settlements in search for more welcoming communities.

One such mutant was Boslik, a teenage girl who grew up in a small community only 15 kilometers from Fusion City. It was an insular society and mutants were looked down upon, mainly because many mutants had been born in Fusion City and left, for one reason or another, usually by exile.

Boslik eventually grew tired of all the snide remarks, thrown dung piles and insults. She packed her meager supplies and left the village, in search of a society more welcoming to one of her kind.

What Boslik found was even more hostility. People in these settlements were even less kind to her, as she was both a mutant and an outsider. While wastelanders are usually kind to visitors and are known for their hospitality, this was not the case for a mutant such as Boslik.

Disenchanted, Boslik sought other mutants, hoping to find those willing to leave together with her and found a new settlement, a society made by mutants, for mutants. A place where they could feel like people. A place to call home.

She named it "The Promised Land".


The Promised Land is centered around Haven, which is the town that Boslik founded, and considers itself a city-state that own the surrounding land. Haveners aggressively protect this land from raiders and other non-mutant incursions and with them being only mutants, the Fusion City Communal Authority has little interest in reintegrating them into the remnant state. The Promised Land is largely left alone by the authorities.

Public agenda

Haven, and by extension, the Promised Land, was founded to be a home for mutants. A place where mutants can feel welcomed and not stick out in a crowd. Where everyone could be themselves. Haven is well known for being a mutant-only town and where non-mutants are only welcomed as traders.

Trade & Transport

Haven trades frequently with other nearby settlements, regardless of if these settlements consider themselves a part of the Promised Land or not. They also trade with the Powder Kegs of Bullet Creek, mainly trading foodstuffs for weapons and ammunition to protect themselves from wasteland raiders.

Founding Date
73 PC
Geopolitical, City-state
Alternative Names
Village of Idiots
Head of Government
Government System
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Barter system
Controlled Territories
Related Ethnicities

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Mutants are a subspecies of the Kykr species. Commonly mutated during gestation and born with mutations, mutants are second class citizens, at best, at the bottom of the societal ladder.

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Haven is the capital of the Promised Land, a mutant-only nation. Haven does not welcome smoothskins as anything else than traders, and the people of Haven are very suspicious of outsiders, unless they are mutants, seeking a home.

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