Perimeter Wall

The Perimeter Wall is an armored concrete wall that surrounds Fusion City and forms the base upon which the dome is built. The base wall is at lowest 40 meters tall, but some sections are up to 60 meters. When refering to the wall, people usually say "the Wall" or the "Perimeter Wall", as the word "perimeter" has come to refer to the slum areas adjacent to the wall, rather than the wall itself.   It's a thick, heavily reinforced wall designed to be capable of surviving the worst storms the world is capable of.  


The wall was built to act as a base for the dome and as a defensive measure against attacks. In addition, the wall's height means that it takes the brunt of the force from storms and other natural phenomenon, sparing the dome base from stress. In the last 50 years, several huge 40 mm autocannons and laser cannons have been installed on the wall to protect against potential mutant attacks.   Two enormous mechanised gates are built into the wall's superstructure on the eastern and western sides of the city. These two gates form the only official way in or out of the city both for land vehicles and hovercraft.   Security is tight at these locations and transports heading into the city are scanned for illegal materials and people. The FCA don't want any cockroaches or mutants sneaking their way into the city. Perimeter Wall Lookout Tower
Alternative Names
Perimeter (usually when also refering to the area immediately surrounding the wall itself)
Wall section
Parent Location
Fusion City
Owning Organization
Communal Authority

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Anna Elizabeth Boyett
18 Apr, 2019 20:14

Once again, a solid article. I'm curious, though, abotu what security measures are in place- and how the wall manages to survive the constant barrage of natural forces. Is it simply because it's so thick, or are there maintenance teams?

19 Apr, 2019 10:15

As far as security measures go, there are lookout towers spaced every few kilometers to keep an eye out for storms or colossal mutants. The natural forces the wall is exposed are mostly just heavy sandstorms, and they don't really do much to the wall beyond a fine "sanding" of the exterior.   Should the wall be seriously damaged, there is maintenance personnel to repair it.

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