Perimeter is not a single district nor recognized as one. Perimeter is the area nearest the Perimeter Wall, covering most of the districts that border the wall.   Perimeter is seen as the city's slums and most citizens will attempt to settle elsewhere due to Perimeter's poor reputation. Infamous for a high population of mutants and a sky-high crime rate, the Perimeter is a place most decent people will avoid.  

Perimeter Districts

  • Akbas
  • Aspen
  • Belgora (only southernmost part)
  • Drang (only southernost part, except the area near the lake)
  • East Gate (north part only)
  • Garic (except area bordering Agran Prime)
  • Jadrak (slightly higher class near river)
  • Kautapu (not the area near the river)
  • Keylin (slightly higher class near river)
  • Majorna (only the area closest to the wall)
  • Old Town (high class, in spite of being a perimeter district)
  • Radruka (only the southern part)
  • Rysen Egress
  • Skaska Waterfront (not the areas closest to the lake and river)
  • South Velkin (only the southermost part)

Articles under Perimeter

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