Olvír Valdr

Medical Specialist Olvír Valdr

Dr Valdr is the chief physician at ThalCorp Industries.  

Character Introduction

Being a doctor didn’t quite turn out the way you imagined it. You dreamt of opening your own clinic and treating people in need. Instead you are now a corporate physician at a major mining corporation.   Your job involves overseeing employee health, making risk assessments for off world missions with regards to local fauna, flora, bacteria cultures and dangerous chemicals. Occasionally you are also called in for emergency care and surgery at remote bases when disaster strikes. It mostly involves treating deep abdominal penetration wounds and mangled extremities. Mining is a dangerous job!   Very late at night, you are barely awake, your comms terminal blares loudly at you, indicating you have a priority message.  
You are needed for a medical emergency mission. Report to ThalCorp Tower within one hour. More information will be provided on site, for security reasons.
— Javin Þal, CEO ThalCorp Industries
  That sounded ominosly important. You quickly get dressed, gather your things and call a cab.

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Credit Chit
Keycard (ThalCorp Medical)
Portable music player
White shirt
Black jeans

Specialized Equipment

3 liters of medical IV-drip
First aid kit (-2 difficulty on all medicine/first aid rolls)
General disinfectant
Nanogate injector (3/3 doses). (Downgrades wounds one level)
Portable cauterizer, battery powered
Stimulants (unlocks locked shock points for about 15 minutes). 6 doses
Suture-set (-2 difficulty on surgery. Contains disinfectants and sterilised one-use tools)
Tranquilizer (if injected, inflicts 6 points of Shock per dose). 3 doses

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born and raised in the Shadowmark outside of Fusion City, you are something of an anomaly. Not only have you survived the wasteland, but you’ve managed to get inside the city and work your way through the criminal haven slums and made your way to the corporate districts.   With a dream to learn more and excellent knowledge of herbs and basic triage, the medical profession came naturally to you. In later years, you’ve also started to get an interest for trauma treatment psychology.  


According to records, Dr Valdr's family still resides in the Shadowmark.
Father, Hódr. (Residence and occupation unknown)
Mother, Bjarga. (Residence and occupation unknown)
Sister, Varla, 12 years of age. (Residence and occupation unknown)

Personality Characteristics


Has a thirst for knowledge, particularly regarding the psyche and body. Wants to learn more.



Nervous and twitchy. Diplomatic archetype.
Current Location
Year of Birth
100 PC 17 Years old
Current Residence
District 9, Fusion City
Presented Sex
Blue within blue
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Oh crap! We're doomed!"
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Related Plots
Body features
Handsome, light blue hair, unusually tall.
  Physical condition
Rough skin, clear evidence of his upbringing in the wastelands.
  Employment and education
Chief Physician at ThalCorp Industries.
Doctor's degree in surgery.
Forgetful -1
Loyal -2 (ThalCorp)
Small -1
  Educated +3
Hawkeye +1
Iron Physique (Cold) +3
Psychotherapy +4
Acrobatics +2
Dexterity +4
Medicine +6
Surgery +8
Perception +6
  Combat skills
Brawl +2

Cover image: by CC BY, Modified by Tobias Linder


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