The o'che is a lizard species native to the Morvátian Peninsula. It is one of few large land animals to survive The Cataclysm, avoid corruption and adapt to the new world. It has been domesticated by the Cockroaches of the Shadowmark.



The o'che is very large and heavy, but have a slow metabolism and need very little sustenance to survive. It's a quadraped, lizard-like animal with a long, thick tail and a head with two to three large horns. It's neck is protected by a large crest that also acts as a heatsink to vent excess body heat during exertion.  


The o'che is a docile animal, in spite of it's huge size and threatening horns and it was quickly domesticated by the survivors following the Cataclysm. It has been bred and trained to be a beast of burden, draught animal and for food. The strong o'che is able to carry large hauls, as well as pull very large wagons with heavy loads.  

Dietary needs

Primarily a geophage, the o'che consumes rocks, sand and other minerals for sustenance. It can even eat iron, which makes it important to keep o'che away from houses built of iron sheets, as well as weapons, tools and other metal objects. However, the o'che can also be fed most ground growing crops to complement its diet.   O'che bred for food are commonly fed mostly vegetables because it makes the meat richer in protein, fat and taste better.  

Other uses

Butchered o'che provide not only food for the wastelanders, but the skin is incredibly tough and popular for everything from clothes to tents and flooring. The bodyfat can be used as grease and for cooking, and the bones, when ground up, make for great seasoning and fertilizer.
Average Height
6'2'' (190 cm)
Average Weight
2 000 lbs (900 kg)
Average Length
20-23 ft (6-7 m)

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