New Gailo

New Gailo is a brave venture by Adapta Developments to establish a fully functioning colony in The Abyss. It is a combined science project and colony establishment. In difference from most structures in the Abyss, New Gailo does not have a "for profit" purpose. It is not there to harvest resources or prospect, it is there simply to see if a long-term submarine colony is viable.


New Gailo was established on D-65 (dee six five), a floating island only about 10 hours out from the dome. The reason choosing this location was that it was relatively close to the world and offered ample access to building materials. D-65 is rich in iron and titanium, which meant that much of the Aryx-modules could be constructed on-site, rather than transported there from home.


New Gailo is a custom-designed Aryx Habitat with modules designed for long-term accommodation, rather than the rotational temporary habitats that corporations like ThalCorp Industries use. New Gailo is designed to be a permanent living space for up to 1 000 colonists for the forseeable future. For this reason, several modifications had to be done to the hab modules. Apartments are larger and have facilities for permanent residents, rather than small bunks for rotating personnel.

The colony has ten habitation modules as well as four large recreational modules, all designed specifically for permanent residence. The arboretum part of the recreation module was moved to a new arboretum module that is far larger than the modest arboretum in the base recreations module. This arboretum functions as carbon-dioxide scrubbing, oxygen generation and as abyss sickness treatment and prevention. With having close access to parks and forests, Adapta hopes that colonists will resist the onset of abyss sickness.


The Aryx Habitat is officially owned by Adapta, but New Gailo is a registered settlement under FCA and thus recognizes the Fusion City Communal Authority as their government and operate under the same law. A local administrator serves a "governor" over New Gailo and handles all civil matters on site.

While the Fusion City Police Force is the peace-keeping force in Fusion City, New Gailo operates under a local police commissioner who has a small security force, funded by Adapta, who handles all criminal disturbances.

Submarine Habitat Colony, Aryx type.
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