Mia Yol

Doctor Mia Yol

Mia Yol is a research lead and skilled oceanographer at ThalCorp Enterprises.  

Character Introduction

Oceanography, or Abyssology as you prefer to call it, isn’t exactly something that gets you destitute in this day and age. The universe, the world sea, The Abyss or “that there out there”, whatever one might call it, is just an enormous, endless ocean with no surface and no bottom. But with its myriad of suspended islands, there’s access to resources and tons of money to make. The companies need people who understand the ocean, and that’s where you and your peers come in.   You’re hired by ThalCorp Enterprises primarily as an oceanologist and your work involves analysing samples from the ocean, including water, mineral and organic samples.   You however have something of an ace up your sleeve compared to your peers. A few years back you took the time to study xenobiology, which is the rather fuzzy studies about alien plants and animal life. Despite not knowing of such things exist, xenobiology provides a useful toolbox of knowledge and routines on how to act in a situation where one might encounter such life.   Very late one night as you had gone to sleep, your comms terminal woke you up with a loud blare, indicating that you had a priority message.  
You are needed for an important mission. Report to ThalCorp Tower HQ within the hour.   For security reasons, more information cannot be divulged at this time. A briefing will be held on site.
— Javin Þal, CEO ThalCrop Industries
  You blink. You blink again. What the hell? The CEO himself? You drag your almost unconscious body out of bed, get dressed and get a cab.

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Credit Chit
Red hoodie
Black polo shirt
Black jeans

Specialized Equipment

Keycard (ThalCorp Research, level 5 clearance. Gets you in almost everywhere.)
Communicator (2 km range)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

You were born and raised in wealth. Getting a good education wasn’t an issue, nor was it a problem to get a well paying job. You like the academic world and you like research. It’s reliable, organised and fact based. In fact, you prefer your research almost above spending time with other people. People are messy. Research is ordered and disciplined.   The only time you truly relax, except when delving into the latest mystery sample, is when you are alone at home, where you can play the guitar and sing, without anyone disturbing you.  


Father, Yodrir Yol, software developer at Cetlik Magnates.
Mother, Rrakku Yol, official at ThalCrop Enterprises.



Strict, to the point, prefers to tell it as she sees it. Dislikes social gatherings. Likes order and discipline. Adventurous archetype.
Current Location
Year of Birth
82 PC 35 Years old
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Aligned Organization
Body features
Thin build, brown, speckled skin.
  Physical condition
Visually frail build. Clearly not used to physical hardship.
  Employment and education
Research lead in xenobiology and oceanography at ThalCorp Enterprises.
  Character quicksheet
Mia Yol




  Full Sheet
Mia Yol

Cover image: by CC BY, Modified by Tobias Linder


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