Vault of Heaven

"Vault of Heaven", also known as Level 2, is the skyloft level built on top of the ground level in Fusion City. It's a corporate-run paradise with sky high security, connected to the ground by hundreds of pedestrian elevators, maglev transport lines and cargo lifts. Security at these transport points is tight and for most districts on Level 2 you need a special permit to enter.   A number of corporations invested significant amounts of capital into constructing the skyloft and some even bought exclusivity rights on building height or entire districts for their own use.   Level 2 has residential and commercial areas just like the level below, but most of the level is covered in office towers, large manufacturing and research centers all owned by different corporations. Even before construction on the level began, most of the level of it was already bought and paid for.   The level has a sophisticated mass transit system, allowing rapid transit to the different districts and most corporations offer transit to employees inside their own zones.
Alternative Name(s)
Level 3
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Cover image: by CC BY, Modified by Tobias Linder


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