The word “Kykr” is an ancient term that was used back in the feudal age of the world and meant that you were one of the civilised people of the world. You belonged to an “us”.   Initially, this term only included the Illim, Kuna and the Vindral, the original three races of the Trifolk Alliance. But with time this came to include the other races.  

Modern use

In the modern age the term is somewhat controversial. With the Kykr civilisation's propensity to murder and enslave anyone who wasn't a Kykr, particularly the Dru'un and Hessak communities react strongly to the term, as it didn't use to include them. To them, the term is more a reminder of how their species were brutally murdered and enslaved by the others.   It is not a term you will commonly hear in civilised conversation.
Diverged ethnicities
Encompassed species
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