K'jat is the native language of Fusion City and the surrounding area. While it is largely a modern relative of Qaj, a language spoken in the Morvatian region of the world in the feudal age, it has taken on many elements of other languages, such as Kibon, Ósleiðr and Nahut, and has become something of a pidgin language between all of those old, and now largely extinct, languages.   While people may have distinct accents from other language heritages and different areas of Fusion City have their own distinct accents, everyone speaks the same language as their day-to-day primary language. There almost no native speakers of any other language alive today, though a few people in the wastelands may still speak pure Qaj (albeit a modern descendent of feudal age Qaj).   There are still those who can speak the old languages, particularly Qaj and Ósleiðr, but not as their primary means of communication. They speak it more as a means of education and history than practicality.   It is believed that no one else but a few wastelanders and the people of Fusion City survived The Cataclysm, and therefore all other languages are dead.  


K'jat evolved from Qaj, which was the majority language spoken in the Morvátian Peninsula. Qaj was a harsh and guttural language and K'jat is no different. Even though few people alive still speak Ósleiðr or Nahut, they have both had a large influence on Qaj as it evolved. K'jat is the result of this influence.  

Common idioms and expressions

Strength and Honor!
Still pronounced in Qaj, even though the actual K'jat sentence sounds different. "Ghoj vatlh dah" used to be a saying before battle in the old Morvátian culture, but these days it's used primarily as a wish for success, safe journey or good health.   Fay in the attic
An expression to indicate that someone is not well. An insane or crazy person can "have fay in the attic".   Thick as a Dru'un
This is not commonly used in civilised speech as it indicates that a person is really dumb and it's exceptionally rude to use this saying among Dru'un.   Snaked
An exceptionally drunk person. A person who is utterly hammered tend to walk in a "snakelike" pattern, weaving to one side and the other.   Hang a lip
Playing on the facial expression common particularly among Illim where the lower lip juts out in a displeased manner when they are unhappy. Simply refers to a person who is grumpy or displeased.   Not a djat
Djat is a letter in the K'jat alphabet, inherited from Qaj. The letter is small and easily forgotten, but indicates a glottal stop and is very important for the meaning of a word. The "Not a djat" comes from the expression "Not a djat forgotten" that used to mean that everything is accounted for, but has also become an expression for describing nothingness. "Do you have any cash?" "Not a djat". It is usually derived from context whether it means that everything is accounted for, or the indication of nothingness.   Smoking ride
An expression to describe going in full force, with great gumption and enthusiasm.   Faylaid
An ancient expression that means "to lay in wait" or "hunt" for something. It's commonly used to express that someone is false or out to hurt you. "Man, I really love Grilka!" "Dude, watch out, she's faylaid!"
Common Female Names
Common Male Names

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