A hover is a vehicle that relies not on wheels to travel, but on a sophisticated hovering technology, dubbed HoverTech. This allows the vehicle to either float over a surface at close distance, primarily using ground effect to help stay afloat, or even transition into full flight mode. Hovers are expensive and usually marketed towards the gimmie population, as they are the ones that can afford them. Cheaper, older Skimmers may be in use by class-B citizens.


A hover usually do not have wheels, instead it relies on the powerful Boryx Engineering hovertech engines to keep it floating just above the surface, giving a very smooth and comfortable ride. Some hovers come equipped with wheels to allow for it to travel along the streets. Most, but not all, hovers are capable of full flight by angling the hovertech engines and increasing output by a lot. They use significantly more fuel, or as is the case for most vehicles; power, in flight mode, but that doesn't stop young, rich whippersnappers from abusing them among the highrises.


Ever since their invention a little over 130 years ago, hovers have been all the rage among the more affluent population. They were originally designed to run on Shadow Power, AKA electricity. A few exceptionally expensive models ran on biofuel, but considering the pollution and noise, they were never particularly popular.


There are several corporations in Fusion City that develop and manufacture hovers and each company have their own idea of what is the ideal hover. The two most prominent manufacturers are Arcom Solutions and Boryx Engineering.


Hovers are not limited to the classic two-seater sports hover that is the poster boy for hovers all around the city.


The traditional hovercar is a vehicle with 2 to 5 seats and light cargo capacity. It is capable of operating in ground effect mode or full flight. In full flight, most models have a capacity for approximately an hour of flight in cruise mode. While in skimmer mode (staying near the ground, taking advantage of the ground effect), the hovercars are generally capable of recharging remotely off of the grid, giving them technically infinite range, while near the grid.

The vast majority run on some variety of Boryx electric engines, giving a smooth and quiet ride. Some older, still exceptionally expensive, models run on archaic biofuel engines. These are loud, prone to mechanical failure and biofuel, being military tech, extraordinarily expensive to operate for any amount of time. In spite of this, they are used frequently for high-importance transport of personnel on established routes in the Shadowmark. Egress Inc offers transport via biofuel hover from Fusion City to the Abyss Gate, being the fastest way to get there by several magnitudes.


Meant only for a single occupant and having very little cargo space, hoverbikes are blazingly fast single-seat vehicles. Most hoverbikes are not capable of full flight due to the lack of attitude thrusters and control surfaces, instead relying on ground effects and exceptionally powerful hovertech engines to provide thrust and braking power.


Skimmers are hover vehicles that are usually primitive, simple, cheap and can only hover a meter or so off the ground. It's common to believe that all skimmers are old and outdated, but skimmers are still produced to this day. A skimmer offers a much smoother ride than any wheeled vehicle.

No skimmers are capable of flight. The repulsor technology used in these models is old and outdated, predating the modern hover, but is energy efficient and reliable, leading to them being popular as as automated cargo trucks between production and commercial districts. The skimmers offer respectable cargo capacity compared to hovers capable of flight.

Arcom Solutions
Boryx Engineering
  Primary propulsion
Biofuel Engines
Boryx Electric Engines

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