House of Transcendence

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A House of Transcendence is a high-tech medical and cybernetics clinic operated and owned by the Children of the Cataclysm, a cult-like organization based on the religions of old. They operate these clinics, charging little to nothing for treatments, claiming to do it for the betterment of everyone and because they are compelled to help "the lost", as they call everyone who is not yet incorporated into the church.

"What we provide is more than medical aid for those who cannot afford it. We offer salvation. A future for our society!"


The Children of the Cataclysm has a spotty reputation in the city, facing accusations often of their cult-like structure and secretive inner sanctum. The houses of transcendence is seen as an attempt to legitimize and paint the children in a better light. The houses of transcendence are an odd and rare sight in modern society. Wholly focused on helping others, the Children offer medical services, life-saving cybernetics and medication at a fraction of their market cost, simply out of the goodness of their hearts. Or so they say. They claim they are ordained by the gods to help the Kykr rise back from their cinders of the cataclysm and herald the return of the gods.

On top of the public relations, the Children also want to establish themselves on the medical cybernetics market as a reliable, cheap and good caregiver, because of their long-term planning for the future of the species.


The Children claim that this behaviour has the joint function of both allowing a child to atone for their part in in the Cataclysm and allowing the Children to help the rest of the Kykr transcend beyond their mortal shells and become more than they are, collectively gaining value in the eyes of the gods.

The Children

The Children of the Cataclysm is a transorganist movement, opposed to the naturalists. Transorganists believe that the future for the species lies in cybernetic and technological advancement, while naturalists believe that one should not butcher a functioning body. Both viewpoints have ranks within them, going from mild and moderate to fanatic and extreme. The Children find themselves on the fanatical side of transorganism, believing that the only way for the Kykr to gain favor in the eyes of the gods is to "transcend" through cybernetic enhancement and become more than they are. That way, they can prove their worth to the gods and beckon them back to the world.


The Children offer most basic medical services such as checkups, minor treatments, medicinal procurement and some forms of surgery. They are constantly expanding what they're capable to perform, and their prices are exceptionally low. In some cases, they even perform treatments for free, citing that the person was in true need.

The Children are very wealthy and they use donations from rich businessmen and members of the church to pay for these treatments, offering them as help for society. Those who cannot pay get the help they need.


The Houses of Transcendence have been described as a "publicity stunt" and as a veiled recruitment drive by the Children's critics. Many, who already believe the Children to be a lunatic cult, are extremely sceptical of this supposedly benevolent endeavour by the church.

Ultimate purpose

Since the Children intend to convert the world through cybernetics, and potentially, any means necessary, having an established network of popular clinics is a huge step on the way for that plan to succeed.

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
3 Jul, 2021 08:19

Oh! Lyraine is a character! XD   Nice article, those guys seem very shady... I would be reluctant to go see them for help, it sounds as if they would push people to get some cybernetic stuff when other cure could be possible... Do they other good quality cybernetics or is it limited because they depends on donations? Is it good publicity for businessmen to give them donations or because the reputations of the organisation is not that good the businessmen don't do that openly?

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3 Jul, 2021 16:00

They are firm believers in what they preach. They don't sell shoddy stuff, so the cybernetics are sound.   Whether it's good publicity or not largely depends on your opinion of the Children. ;)

Author of prize-winning RPG settings Dark Shadows and Cinders of the Cataclysm. Designer of the narratively focused CD10.
5 Jul, 2021 13:55

An organization that want to give everyone cybernetics that controls a large number of clinics. What could go wrong :p Nice concept and well worked out. Do they give people cybernetics at every opportunity that the can or do they also not do it even when it could be a valid procedure?

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5 Jul, 2021 13:58

They won't outright force it on someone, but if there is a cybernetic solution to the person's problem, they will suggest, and push for, that over every other available treatment.

Author of prize-winning RPG settings Dark Shadows and Cinders of the Cataclysm. Designer of the narratively focused CD10.
6 Jul, 2021 00:02

*squints at them* I get the impression that these guys upsell (up...prescribe?) cybernetics on the regular. Legitimately clever way for them to expand the reach of their message, though.

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