Galwin Dradik

Galwin Dradik

This is Galwin. I deliver a message of liberation. The message cannot be traced, it cannot be stopped. It is the sole voice of freedom left in the world. [...] Galwin Out!

— Typical Galwin Broadcast opening and ending

Galwin Dradik is a legend among Fusion City citizens. Galwin calls herself an investigative journalist who uncovers illegal and immoral activities perpetrated by large corporations and rich individuals. She runs a recurring broadcast on CorpNet, which always opens and ends with the same statement, where she breaks the news of the latest corporate atrocity. How she has managed to not only hack the CorpNet, but also stay undetected, is a mystery even to skilled cyberrunners. Whether you like Galwin or not is entirely up to who you are and what you have to lose from her news.

To the cops and corporations she's a rebel and a spy. She steals corporate secrets, unveils the dirty dealings of corporations and expose the depravity of gimmies.

The freelance cyberrunners see her as some form of messiah. Someone who has trancended reality to become a god on The Web. There are those that believe she exists solely in the Web, as digital consciousness alone.

The goons think of Galwin as someone who "sticks it to the man" and as a spreader of truth. Someone who stands up for those without power.

Who is Galwin really? No one truly knows. She is someone to everyone, but one thing is certain: Galwin is not going anywhere. The corporate overlords have not managed to either silence, nor stop her.

CorpNet Broadcasts

Galwin sends her broadcasts on the official CorpNet, which she has in some way hacked to allow her broadcasts to not only interrupt whatever is sent at the time, but remain uninterrupted for the entire broadcast. Her broadcasts last 60 seconds and she will frequently display graphics and surveillance footage of the crime taking place. How she gets this information is unknown.


There is an image that floats around the Web of a young, vindral goon girl with a prosthetic cyber-arm and pink hair that is said to be a photo of Galwin. It has never been confirmed that this image has any relation to Galwin. Many have argued that it can't be Galwin as she's a cyberrunner and should have a cybernetic interface. Others claim that she might have a military grade interface that isn't readily visible. Perhaps it is her, or perhaps its just another myth.

Regardless of if the picture depicts "the real Galwin" or not, the pink haired vindral punkster has become synonymous with Galwin's online persona.

Origin speculations

While her persona is decidedly female, it is not known if she really is a woman or if its just another trick to keep the corpies off her back. Some people have speculated that she's an ex-Ghost, turned against her former masters. This would explain her exceptional ability to remain at large and hack the CorpNet, something no other cyberrunner has ever managed to do. Others again claim that she's still a ghost and her purpose is to mislead the "sheeple" and keep the public from getting insight into the real crimes going on behind locked doors, that she's nothing more than a tantalizing distraction from the real truth.


ThalCorp is one of the few corporations I'm honestly quite alright with. From what I've heard they treat their employees well and their prices are fair. I honestly feel like I need to drink bleach after saying that, but it's fucking true. A corporation that isn't a giant asshole. Who would've thought it possible?

— Ladbox message post attributed to Galwin.

There is very little known of Galwin. She's supposedly a woman who grew up in one of the resibloc's as she has a distinct anti-corporate outlook. Her messages started showing up on social message boards about 8 years ago and her freedom-focused, anti-corporate, well worded but brutal rhetoric took the Web by storm.

Soon she started appearing as fully-fledged audio messages posted primarily on Ladbox, a known hangout for goons and non-corporate cyberrunners, from where they spread across the entire Web.

About four years ago her messages started appearing on authorized corporate feeds, interrupting the neverending flow of ads and corporate propaganda. Somehow she had found a way to hack into the protected CorpNet and broadcast her messages without being traced or stopped. The corporate outcry was brutal. Every major news outlet reported on the "digital terrorism" and did impressive journalistic digging, reporting on her digital history for the last eight years, calling her a "false prophet", "brat" and a "vigilante cyberrunner".

Many large corporations have offered enormous rewards to Cyberrunners that can identify her. The corporate propaganda works tirelessly to counteract her, downplay her role in society and deny her claims. Many say that her days are numbered and it's just a matter of time before a Cyberrunner more skilled than herself tracks her down.

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19 Feb, 2019 03:46

Good article. But if Galwin cannot be traced/located and no one really knows much about her, how do they even know if she is a female? What if she is a male under a facade? Either way, good worldbuilding :)

19 Feb, 2019 06:09

It's more a case of the persona being decidedly female, rather than her actual physical gender, but I see your point. I'll make it more vague. Thanks!

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I like the article, it creates mystery about the character and provides the viewer with questions. I suggest adding some hints and questions about the character, like she could possibly be an ex-military cyberrunner for example. You can create like little conspiracy theories about it to create an even bigger mystery about the character.

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Brilliant idea! Thanks!

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I like the concept of this sort of ghost-in-the-web spy. I would love to see some more details, some more things that tie her to the world more concretely, though!   Like:  

  • Does she have any known allies/affiliates?
  • What notable events/actions has she performed/instigated? Right now, I'm not sure what she's done, beyond generalities.
  • Are there any megacorp or gimmies that particularly hunt her?
  • Any particular foes she's been focusing on? Any particular agenda?
  • More quotes would be awesome. Badass catchphrases from her, or people talking about her (conspiracy theories especially). Any mic-drop moments?
  • Stuff like that: context into the world she inhabits (real and virtual) :)   Awesome stuff as always, buddy <3

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    Really neat feedback! That's some great fodder for the mind. I'll see what I can whip up.

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