Fusion City Police Force

The Fusion City Police Force [FCP] is what remains of the Khamadian Military since the collapse of the world following The Cataclysm.

Trained as a military force, the FCP operates inside the city as a peace-keeping regiment, divided into district divisions, sectors and similar denominations.

The FPC are often heavily armed and armored, prefering force over diplomacy when taking action. They do very little investigative work, leaving that to whatever CorpSec controlling the area the crime took place in. If committed outside CorpSec jurisdiction, the FCP does have a small force of investigators that will look into the crime, if it happens to be of such nature that it warrants attention.


As a former military force, the FCP still operates with a military outset. They aim to neutralize and stabilize rather than de-escalate and protect. They're an almost wholly reactive organization, responding once the crime has been committed (and detected) rather than actively trying to prevent it in the first place.

Many influential people have raised criticisms againts the FCP for their apparent oppressive nature and argued for a more peaceful organization. Their complaints have largely fallen on dead ears, however, with the excuse that "let CorpSec deal with that".


The FCP operates hundreds of thousand of semi-autonomous surveillance drones, colloquially nicknamed "WeeWoos" for the distinct sound of their sirens when in pursuit. These drones are simplistic combat drones whose primary purpose is to document, pursue and suppress criminal behaviour.

Constant surveillance

The drones' standard behaviour is to follow a set patrol pattern and document the goings on of their patrol zone. They keep track of who's there, where they're headed, who they are talking to, which buildings they enter etc. The FCP can, at any point, tap into the surveillance equipment of a drone and observe it in close to real time. They can also direct drones to follow, shadow or even approach individuals or groups.

The drones' built in software is capable of identifying individuals based on species, clothing and behaviour, but also possess the ability to scan their ID-tag, if the tag is close enough and not masked.

A drone can distinguish between individuals and groups, connect vehicles to individuals as well as remember who possessed an item if discarded. This information is exceptionally useful in followups later, privacy violations notwithstanding.


If a drone is ordered to investigate an area, or detect some criminal behaviour, it will turn on its lights and sirens in order to pursue the suspect. When investigating an area, the drone will blare its sirens to clear the way as it travels at very high speed towards the area of interest.


The drones are about 1-1.5 meters in wingspan and has a sleek body design. They're hovercraft, able to ascend to about 20-25 meters into the sky, using hover engine ground-effect. If necessary, they also possess very strong repulsorjets for flight, but due to the extreme power requirements, they can only operate in flight mode for about 20 minutes. A drone is incredibly agile, able to navigate through even the most cluttered alleyway without significant risk of crashing.

Each drone is armed with a high powered non-lethal stun gun that delivers a powerful electrical shock to an individual, hopefully stunning them briefly. They also possess a larger, direct EMP cannon meant to disrupt vehicles and a well placed shot has a good chance to knock out most grid-based vehicles.

Older models are armed with small-caliber machine gun, spitting out 9mm bullets at threats. The carrying capacity for ammunition is limited, however, so a drone will avoid to use the SMG unless absolutely necessary. Newer models carry a small pulse laser instead, drawing power directly from the on-board battery to shoot.

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