Fusion City: Citizens

Citizen is the proper name to refer to people living in Fusion City.

There are over 100 million registered citizens of Fusion City and likely another 5 to 10 million non-registered ones. It is a melting pot of people, social classes and species. Every citizen of Fusion City is a member of one of five species:

These species have lived intermingled with one another for a millennium, and some of them even longer than that. None even remembers a time where the species lived separately. When civilisation was still in the early stages of feudalism, hundreds if not thousands of years before the Cataclysm, when the world was still green and alive, the species found comfort and safety in one another and forged a civilisation together.

There is little outright racism and no institutional discrimination of species in Fusion City, but some species fare better than others. The Dru'un and Hessak in particular have trouble succeeding in this cutthroat society and often hold low-wage jobs or even more commonly end up in gangs as goons. Their reliance on brute strength over wit disadvantages them in the sly intrigue of the corporate web. Any citizen is as respected and worthy as any other. Well, at least as far as species is concerned. Social status is a whole other can of worms.

Some people refer to the city folk as "domedwellers", or "domers". The term is generally only used by wastelanders as a pejorative. The term carries with it a distinct undertone of weakness, as if the domedwellers are weak and wouldn't be able to survive the harshness of the wastelands and therefore hide under their dome.

A less insulting slang for citizens is "city slicker".

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