Eyrr Gjalladoðr

Eyrr Gjalladoðr (a.k.a. Twitch)

Eyrr is a security team leader at ThalCorp Enterprises, running an ambulating security route.  

Character introduction

You are the chief of Team 3, one of ThalCorp’s ambulating security teams. Most security teams are stationed at a single site, but yours is tasked with looking over the entirety of ThalCorp’s assets in District 6 of Fusion City.   Your team consists of 12 very able people who function as mobile security guards. Your team’s job is to support local security teams and provide regular watch of buildings and assets in the area.   Due to your efficiency and loyalty you’ve gotten a rumor about you that you are one of the cities’ best security chiefs, and ThalCorp has an iron hold on you. Which obviously is quite noticeable in your salary.   Late one night, you had barely just fallen asleep, your comms terminal blared loudly at you, indicating that you had a high priority message.  
You are needed to provide security at an important mission regarding one of ThalCorp’s mining bases. Report to ThalCorp Tower within the hour.   Additional information will, for security reasons, be provided on site.
— Javin Þal, CEO ThalCorp Industries

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Credit Chip
Keycard, ThalCorp
Black blouse
Black leather pants
Gray jacket

Specialized Equipment

First Aid Kit
Kudé '45 (Licensed) Shotgun
9 45' shells
3 mags of 5.7mm ammo (7 bullets each)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

You have a past in the military and used to work regularly on raids into the Shadowmark to eliminate plunderers, raiders, marauders and other slag that lived outside Fusion City and were a danger to transports and such.   More than once, however, you and your unit were asked to ”convince” settlers to ”relocate” which usually involved shooting them all and burning their settlements to the ground. This didn’t sit well with you and eventually you got fed up and quit.   After months of expensive, and ultimately useless, therapy you turned to drinking to drown your memories of burning corpses and civilians begging for mercy, children crying over their recently shot parents. After years of destructive alcohol addiction you managed to sober up and get a job as a bouncer at a local nightclub. Another coupole of useless years of struggling as a bouncer passed before you were offered a job as security guard at ThalCorp. Your only knowledge of the company at that point was that your mother worked there as an administrative lead at one of their remote bases.  


Father, Arangr Gjalladoðr, deceased (heart failure)
Mother, Ægir Gjalladoðr, administrative lead at TC-AE265.
Brother, Vassla Gjalladoðr, older brother, unemployed.
Sister, Loé Gjalladoðr. Baby sister, works as a waitress at a night club.

Personality Characteristics


Seeks order in life and is trying to deal with her conscience.



A bit of a workoholic, disciplined and militaristic. Is always prim, proper and polite. Efficient. Dependable archetype.
Year of Birth
71 PC 46 Years old
Current Residence
METRO-1, District 10
Biological Sex
Dark yellow
Blackish blue, long ponytail
145 lbs
Aligned Organization
Body features
Short, robust and very muscular.
  Physical condition
Well trained and conditioned. Clearly battle-hardened.
  Employment and education
Security chief, ThalCorp Enterprises.
  RPG Traits
Bad memories -2
Loyal -3 (Thalcorp)
Small -1
  Iron Physique +2
Strong +2
Quick +2
  RPG Skills
Leadership +4
Acrobatics +6
Swimming +5
First Aid +3
Perception +3
  Combat skills
Brawl +4
Melee Weapons +5
Handguns +4
Shotguns +6

Cover image: by CC BY, Modified by Tobias Linder


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