Egress Holdings

Egress Holdings is a superorganization, better known as a megacorp, that contains a myriad of huge corporations, who in turn own thousands of companies on their own. Egress Holdings is one of the world's largest and most powerful organizations, yet they don't "make much noise", as it's said. They are rarely seen directly in advertisements, news don't speak about them and they just don't show much in general. But make no mistake, Egress uses their power well.


The primary business of Egress is to enable others to perform business, in a way that benefits Egress directly. The most overt of these ways is their subsidiary, Egress Incorporated who runs East Gate, Ryzen Egress, Egress Port and the Abyss gate. The amount of money coming in from transit fees alone are absolutely staggering.


Egress' primary area of business is transit and transport of goods. To serve this purpose, they own several corporations that construct transport vehicles such as Arcom Solutions, Boryx Engineering and others. By controlling virtually every form of transportation in Fusion City and the world, Egress is in a good spot financially.


With its immense economic power and strangehold on every other business through transport, Egress Holdings could as well be a government. Most corporations and the government are more or less forced to do as Egress wants, or risk losing power or business. There are megacorps who can fight back and negotiate, but they aren't many.

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