The Domed Paradise

Dunia is the established name for the world. Originally an abyssian term to refer to the world as opposed to other islands and islets, it has become the accepted term even in everyday speech.

Dunia is also known as simply "the world", the Dome or Geislheim. Geislheim is an ancient term, from before recorded history. Using linguistic studies, one can derive that it originally meant something like "The Light Realm", "The World of Light" or "Light's Home" and was contrasted by Grímarheim, a term that appeared in feudal times and referred to the Shadow Realm.

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There are three major landmasses in Dunia. It is difficult to know how many survivors there are from The Cataclysm but as far as anyone has been able to determine, the only survivors are in the Morvatian Peninsula in the west of Arjin, the western continent.  


Arjin has been the main focus of the Kykr civilisation for millenia. They believe that civilisation was born here, although there are clear evidence of precursor civilsations on other continents, particularly on Celenia, the southern continent. Back before the Cataclysm, Arjin was divided into four major regions: The Morvátian Peninsula in the west, the Gimroan Basin in the east, the Kharamôran Great Plains in the south and finally, the Frigid North, which covered everything north of the grand mountain range of Næka.   After the Cataclysm, only one city is known to have survived the devastation. Fusion City lies in the inner Morvátian Peninsula in an area now known as the Akelan Wastes. For the survivors of the Cataclysm, the world has shrunk significantly. With no access to rapid transports, hoverjets, trains or even abundance of fuel, traveling the wasteland is an endeavour not undertaken lightly.   Even the Citizen of Fusion City are largely stuck in their city. Only a few disgustingly rich individuals and corporations can maintain any kind of safe transport in and out of the city.  



Time keeping

Dunia operates on the tried and true Gimroan calendar, dividing the year into 300 years, 15 months each 20 days long. This neat and easy to remember division has stood for almost a thousand years now.   As opposed to our world, where months are the progression of the Moon, Dunia has no moon and the months are simply a way to divide the long year into smaller chunks.

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