The dru'un are a collection of species closely related to one another genetically, if not in physical appearance. Stereotyped as big, strong, distrustful and brutish, Dru'un are often found as goons, bouncers, security guards or jinxes. The dru'un are excellent combatants and make for intimidating figures, even the minority species. They are a good choice for a combat oriented character. The main types of dru'un present in the world's population are the dulzuun, nilvan and zalra


While it's a stereotype that all dru'un are thick, daft and violent it's not entirely without truth. Many Dru'un are below average intelligence in Fusion City and coupled with the excess amounts of adrenaline and testosterone in their blood, they are quick to anger and violence.

They are often outsmarted or outmaneuvered in everyday life and the frustration of constantly being misunderstood, or not grasping a situation, make them agitated, angry and make them feel slighted or disadvantaged. This adds to their already significant tempers, making them moody and prone to angry outbursts.

A lot of dru'un are found in gangs where their strength and brutality is an advantage and gets them up the power ladder. Others prefer heavy manual labor jobs where their strength and power allow them to work with ease. There are few Dru'un who have made a successful corporation career. Dru'un in general lack the patience to employ the mental energy to successfully navigate the corporate ladder, much less run a commercial empire, but there are exceptions.

This holds less true for the zalra who are smarter than their peers and not as brutish, but dru'un are still a rarity in white collar work.


The dru'un were originally a scourge upon the world in Kykr eyes, and lived on mountain slopes and in caves. There were many, many different tribes and subspecies of the dru'un. There were bear men, badger men, wolf men and moose men. They would raid the plains population, steal their cattle, food, weapons and equipment. About a millenia ago the dru'un were enslaved by the Kykr, a word used by the vindral, kuna and illim in that age to represent a sense of belonging. They favored the dulzuun for their strength and zalra men for their somewhat sharper wits, allowing the zalra to work as overseers of the dulzuun. This favoritism led to more dulzuun and zalra to enter the settlements of the Kykr and come the cataclysm, the remaining subspecies of dru'un were mostly wiped out, leaving only the dulzuun and zalra still living in Fusion City. There were also a very small contingent of the rare nilvan species living in and near Fusion City.

The dru'un were emancipated from their enslavement about 800 years ago and hold equal rights to the other species, but the stigma of their historical slavery as a manual labor workforce and their perceived lacking mental abilities leave Dru'un disadvantaged in society and they still suffer discrimination and prejudice from the other species even though there is no outspoken racism against them.

Genetic Descendants
60 (natural)
120 (enhanced)
Related Ethnicities
Important Dru'un in society
None listed.

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27 Mar, 2019 20:12

The Dru'un might be some of my favourite among the species in this world so far. I'm especially curious to know how dru'un society, even within tribes, functions on a more domestic level. Do they have family structures of any importance? Are any of them possibly driven out for differing reasons? Is the focus for childbearing only the reproduction of the strongest? Things like that would be awesome to learn, if you're looking for more ways to present an image of these guys!

27 Mar, 2019 20:20

Since all the races of the world all live jumbled up and mixed within the great city of METRO-1, there really isn't much of a "Dru'un society" per se. There used to be, far in the past, but in the modern days of METRO-1 they are no different to the other races than one welshman is to an englishman.   That said, due to their limited mental faculties and the stigma of being quick to anger and very brutish, they still suffer from discrimination in society.   But you're not wrong insomuch as they are more isolated than other races. While a Kuna, Vindral and Illim can sit around chatting all day, most people will tense up and quiet down when a Dru'un comes along. Dangerous and unstable, they are often ostracized, if not overtly then at least passively so.   So the Dru'un do find comfort either as criminals or soldiers, where their large frame and great strength is a great asset for intimidation and performance.   If you want to know more about the Dru'un in history, there's this article.

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21 Jan, 2021 16:46

I feel very fond of the dru'un. I hope that they can get better as a culture the further they get from their history of enslavement.

Emy x   Welcome to Etrea!
21 Jan, 2021 21:32

They've had quite the journey, haven't they? I remember you liking the Dark Shadows version of them as well. Back then, they were considered little more than "monsters".

Author of prize-winning RPG settings Dark Shadows and Cinders of the Cataclysm. Designer of the narratively focused Celenia D10 RPG System.
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