Cyberrunners are people with advanced cybernetic implants that allow them to actually enter The Web with their minds. Not bound to physical hands and eyes to interact with a terminal, they execute commands with lightning speed and can react faster than anyone to events on the Web. They also enjoy a completely unfiltered insight into the Web and have the ability to process information at a vastly higher degree than anyone with terminal access.   They see the Web as a world of its own and skilled Cyberrunners can get paid disgusting amounts of money to perform espionage, surveillance, sabotage or digital theft. Particularly trained Cyberrunners in military or corporate black ops service are usually referred to as Ghosts.  

Qualifications and requirements

Most everyone can become a Cyberrunner. The installation of the cybernetic interface is the greatest barrier to entry, as cybernetics are expensive, and neurological cybernetics more so. Some people possess faster neurological processing speed, allowing them to reach faster online processing speeds. There is no way to know this affinity until the brain has been properly tested. Such a test is usually also a costly endevour.   The large cost involved with becoming a Cyberrunner puts it out of the hands of most people, limiting it to people with large amounts of money or with contacts that can supply them with the interface. Some Corpies are provided an interface, free of cost, from their corporation in order to perform their duties.  


A Goonrunner is a particular Cyberrunner who isn't hired by a corporation or government. These individuals are usually members of a gang and the gang scrounged up the cash necessary to have a black market interface installed for the runner. Hence the term "goon" runner. Goonrunners are on average far less skilled than professional Cyberrunners (and Ghosts in particular), but there are Goonrunners who have garnered quite a reputation for themselves.  


A Wildrunner is a Cyberrunner who runs a modified cybernetic interface that has had all safeguard hardware removed. The reason they do this is because it increases their processing speed significantly. Or so they claim. Among most Cyberrunners, Wildrunners are seen as foolish at best, and deluded at worst.  

Famous Cyberrunners

Galwin Dradik - Unknown individual with great skill. Believed to either be an exceptionally skilled Goonrunner or a Ghost.

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