Cybernetic Bleed

With advanced age comes the ailing of the body and its inability to heal properly. The strain put on the body from cybernetic implants affect the body in negative ways. It's a common ailment among all species, except the Vindral, who don't age in the same physical way as the other species, perhaps due to their fay origins.



Cybernetic Bleed is caused by a combination of physical and mental strain on the body from the implants as well as an overreactive immune system. Over time, there is a buildup of a grey substance on the glial (connecting) tissue between the nerves and the cybernetic interface. The autoimmune effects are the first to be felt, while the other effects inevitably come at a later stage. Even the simplest of implants will eventually cause cybernetic bleed, given enough time.   Usually the body is able to endure the enhancements, but with the weakening of the body due to age, the Cybernetic Bleed effects become apparent.  


The first symptom is widespread arthritis as the immune system goes into overload to combat the Bleed effects. This can lead to joint inflammation and a susceptability to common diseases like cough, fever and general malaise. Once the Bleed has begun the patient suffers from reduced functionality in the implants and can also exhibit a greying of the blood. The blood turns darker and gains a dark grey, spotty tint as the Bleed progresses. Feelings of exhaustion, shortness of breath and anxiety are common.   Once the blood has grayed, other effects become apparent as the disease progresses such as skin discolorations, partial paralysis and a notable reduction in mental capabilities, similar to neural degeneration.   The reduction in implant functionality comes from a buildup of a substance known as grey goo around nerve interfaces. It is a grey, sticky and semi-solid matter that inhibits the signals between the implant and the nerve system. It is also this grey matter that causes the blood discoloration.   The core cause of Cybernetic Bleed is not known, only that it almost inevitably occurs in most aging people with cybernetic implants. The observation is that the more implants one has, the greater the chances of Bleed and the more severe the effects.  


Once Cybernetic Bleed has started in the body, there is no way to stop it. It will progressively get worse and worse until the grey goo cause complete nervous system breakdown or the implants are removed. Some afflicted also die from asphyxiation because of poor oxygenation in the grey goo-infested bloodstream.
Nanite / Mechanical
Chronic, Acquired
Affected Species
Affected groups
People of advanced age

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Cybernetic technology is the ultimate in transorganic augmentation. Cybernetic implants can replace, enhance or even supplant organic functions, such as organs or limbs and grant abilities that are wholly unnatural, like the ability to see in the dark.


There is no known way to prevent or cure Cybernetic Bleed, but it some treatments exist that can slow its progression. One of the more promising treatments is continuous blood filtration, filtering the grey goo out of the blood and pumping the healthy blood back into the body. Such treatments are expensive and bulky, which prevents the treatment from being a universal, convenient option.  


Cybernetic Bleed puts an additional heavy strain on an already strained and weak body, usually leading to death either through central nervous system failure or hypoxia. However, if the implants are removed and the blood filtered clean, most patients will recover sufficiently to live until natural death.

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