Crimson Triangle

The Crimson Triangle is a neighborhood in eastern Shinzen Heights in Fusion City. While Shinzen Heights normally is considered a perimeter district, most of it is rather affluent, and particularly the easternmost triangle neighboring Volgan Park, North Velkin and Tukje. This corner of Shiznen Heights is called the Crimson Triangle because of it's predominantly red color in advertising, coloration and neon signs. The Crimson Triangle is famous, or perhaps infamous, for its bustling sex industry.

The Zanga Brotherhood

It is no secret that Shinzen Heights is owned and operated almost exclusively by the criminal gang, the Zanga Brotherhood. The brotherhood is far too powerful for any single other gang to challenge them, and seeing as they're among the least violent gangs that operate primarily illegal businesses, the Fusion City Police Force and Fusion City Communal Authority leave them largely alone, unless they step too hard on their toes.

The Zanga trade primarily in drugs and trafficking and the Crimson Triangle is a hotspot for their businesses. They have every business imaginable here. Everything from simple coffee shops to huge sensomats. Trafficking is illegal, but the Zanga are exceptionally skilled at dodging paperwork, inspections and have innumerable cyberrunners able to conjure up faked documents on a whim.

This means that all the brothels, clubs, massage studios and other overtly sexual businesses they operate have people in them that may not necessarily want to be there, but work there under some form of coercion or another. Some are there because they can't find any other job to keep them off the streets, and others were straight up kidnapped or even sold into the sex industry.

Sex sells

The red coloration is no coincidence. Red has been the color of passion and sex since thousands of years, and with the Zanga operating so many different kinds of ways to "get off", the Crimson Triangle is draped in sexy advertising, naked people posters and obnoxiously red Wololo covering almost every larger building.

No matter your tastes, you can find something you fancy in the Triangle. While not as popular, there are also many escort services that offer romantic or companion services. Of course, they also offer sexual escort services, but it's not assumed that's what customers want. Some just want a sexy hunk or breathtakingly attractive lady to show off to their business-partners or friends.

Sex focus

In the Crimson Triangle, you are automatically assumed to be there for the sex in one way or another, no matter if it's touch, smell, sight, hearing or something else or all of it that you're after. Even diners have scantily clad people serving you the food, dancers on large stages and regular stores selling all kinds of sexual stimulants, enhancers and aphrodisiacs.

Legality and power

A lot of it is, of course, illegal, but seeing as the Zanga are so powerful, no corporation dare unleash their police forces on any establishment here, no matter how much they disrupt their business, and the FCP simply don't have the resources to tackle a problem this large. So it keeps going. Year out and year in. More people being kidnapped from the perimeter districts on appearance alone, shoved through a cyberclinic to get "performance-enhancing" implants and then made to work the neighborhood.

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The Zanga Hoshuda, or the "Brothers of Zanga", are a collection of high class criminals who run several illegal businesses around Fusion City. Drugrunning, gambling dens and trafficking. They have no tolerance for failure or weakness.

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