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I'm absolutely stoked that you have shown interest in Cinders of the Cataclysm! CotC is a commercial product in the making so while basic concepts are public, a lot of the setting is reserved for Patrons.   Since you are interested, consider having a look at the Patreon Page and pledging your support! Not only will you actively help bring this game to the masses, but you will also get immediate access to what you want!   If you're a fan of the Celenia D10 RPG System, becoming a Patron will give you access to all the advanced modules as well!

Special note to existing Patrons

If you are a Patron and think you should have access to this page, first make sure you are logged in and have used your access code to enable the site features. The access code is in the email you received when you pledged, and you can go here to use it.   If it still doesn't work, please find me on the CD10 Discord and send me a message, or send me an email at moonshinefox[at]

Patreon Shoutout

A massive thank you to my current Patrons! Here's just a small subset of you amazing people.      
  • Lyraine Alei
  • Worldanvil
  • KingIsaacLinksr
  • GoA
  • Dhelian
  • SolarCat
  • HLR4th
  • Ethnis
  • Milladamen

Cover image: by CC BY, Modified by Tobias Linder


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