Citizen Classification

Not to be confused with Psionic Classification, the Citizen Classification Code (or C3 for short) is an unofficial, but ubiquitous system of dividing citizens into different social and economic classes. The system has been expanded over the decade it has existed and is today a system of limiting citizens access to areas of Fusion City, living standards, employment, health care etc.


Promotion and demotion

In order to get promoted one must impress one's employer, work hard and be a loyal employee. It is entirely in the hands of the corporation that employs a person to promote them to a higher citizen class.   Demotion works largely in the same way. A corporation can punish an employee with class demotion for any reason, commonly dereliction, misconduct at work or low productivity. Delinquency is another grounds for demotion. An A-class citizen might get away with a lot more than a B-class citizen and they can usually bribe their way out of punishment for smaller criminal activities. A B-class citizen may be temporarily put on probation for a smaller misdemeanor.  


Class-A is the highest class attainable and represents people in the absolute top of society. A Class-A citizen has access to the best paying jobs, healthcare and education and are allowed to both visit and settle in the Vault of Heaven.  


This classification is restricted for the most wealthy and powerful people in the city. Commonly restricted to CEOs of megacorporations and certain politicians, this class allows unrestricted access to the finest establishments and services of the city. A1 citizens are almost impervious to the law, capable of paying their way out of almost anything.  


A2 citizens are often wealthy and hold a certain amount of societal power. Commonly high ranking officials or board members of megacorps.


The entry level A-classification is someone who has shown a great deal of support for the society, have devoted their life to the betterment of all people. Or so they say. In reality, A3 citizens are just people with a lot of money and a lot of good contacts. Almost everyone in the Vault of Heaven fall under A3 classification.  


The AS class is a special case that is used only in individual cases for Class-B citizens that must work offworld. In order to leave the World Dome, one must be a Class-A citizen, so the AS class is provided to off-world, B-class citizens, but does not grant Class-A access to Vault of Heaven or other Class-A perks. They are functionally a Class-B3+ citizen with off-world access.


Class-B represents the vast majority of citizens in Fusion City. Class-B citizens are eligible for most professions and positions and have access to adequate education and healthcare. They are generally not permitted inside high security zones, unless employed by the corporation owning the zone and are barred from settling in the Vault of Heaven. Many high profile jobs require a Class-A citizenship, which means that many Class-B citizens work hard to get promoted.  


The top of the middle class. B1 citizens are free to have any number of children and are commonly employed in well-paying jobs. They are also the only B-Class citizens that are considered for Class-A promotion.  


B2 citizens enjoy greater freedom than B3 citizens. They are allowed two children, can take more prestigious jobs, take greater loans and are allowed a driver's license.


B3 citizenship is what used to be called Class-B. It is the default citizenship. It allows most employers to hire you, you are allowed access to the entire city, barring the Vault of Heaven and high security zones and you are allowed to start your own business, own property and take limited loans. As a B3 citizen you are allowed to have one child in your family. The punishment for 'over-breeding' is a hefty fine and demotion to Class-C.  


B4 citizenship is often a temporary punishment for misdemeanor. If you are convicted of a non-serious crime, your B-class citizenship is temporarily revoked and you are demoted to Class-B4. B4 means that you are no longer eligable for many professions, not allowed to drive a car or take loan. B4 is commonly called "Probation". If you are convicted of another crime within the set time period, you have your B-citizenship entirely revoked and you are now a Class-C citizen.


The C-classification is something everyone dreads. In most cases, being demoted to or being born a Class-C citizen means you are barred from almost all well-paying professions, most education and are forced to live either in one of the Perimeter districts or on the streets. If you are lucky, you might find yourself squatting in a condemned building.   Most C-class citizens are born into the class from parents who are C-class citizens. There are also those who have been convicted of a serious crime and have had their B-class citizenship revoked after serving their sentence, or repeated misdemeanors.   Class-C citizenship is a prison and incredibly hard to get out of. Most employers will not employ those lower than Class-B and most property owners will not rent or sell to Class-C citizens. In addition, Class-C citizens may be barred from entering large portions of the city and are treated with suspicion by everyone. A Class-C citizen who gets stopped by the FCP may find themselves incarcerated without due cause for a long hours.  


A subclass of Class-C, the M citizen is a registered mutant. The lowest of low, barred from any decent professions and discriminated against by society, the mutant class are commonly found as hard physical labour workers or workers in dangerous professions where corporations are unwilling to pay the salaries necessary to make any other class of citizen work.

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