Cathedral of the Children

The Cathedral of the Children is a large building of worship, belonging to the Children of the Cataclysm. It is an enormous monstrosity of concrete and glass that towers over the Tlhasa Downs. The cathedral was built 6 years ago in 111 PC by the Children. The building was funded through generous donations from several large corporations as well as by the Children's substantial wealth.



The Cathedral is the headquarters, heart and public face of the Children. It's size make it a prominent part of the city's skyline and it was carefully designed to be awe-inspiring, yet intimidating, displaying the Children's influence and power. They hope to use this to draw lost souls in by promising them power through salvation.   The Children use it for congregations, recruitment and as an administration building for their organization. With the Children's rapid growth they've found a need for significant administration and needed a place where they could meet, have a public face towards the city and manage economy and members all in one place.  


The building is a huge hexagon structure that rises towards the center into a towering glass spire, flanked by two large pillars, covered in Wololo. The building is well lit with both wololo and spotlights, accentuating its sharp, crystal form and magnificent grandeur.   The six sections of the building house the six Chapels of the Children's organization. These sections are closed off from the public and only accessible by members, and some even only for members of a certain rank.   The first section house the entrance, which is welcoming and ostentatious, displaying the Children's wealth and influence as well as inviting people to come inside. Once inside the Cathedral your first sight is an enormous construct, suspended high above the central Hall of Worship. The symbol of the Children of the Cataclysm towers over the visitors, inspiring awe for the gods.  


Neither the Children or the Cathedral have been without controversy. The building was planned and the land bought only a few weeks before the Aspen Riots broke out and construction began as the riots were in full swing. This led to media accusing the Children of spending hundreds of millions on an ostentatious symbol of wealth and pride as people were starving, bleeding and dying in Aspen. The Children disputed this, saying that the building had been planned for years and it was only a coincidence that the riots happened at the same time construction was planned to commence.   The violence in Aspen coupled with the Children's callous responses to the public outcry lead to people showing up en masse to demonstrate outside the construction site. These demonstrations, albeit primarily peaceful, led to a couple of violent confrontations between members of the Children and demonstrators.   In later years, after the building had been completed, it has been the target of picketing, occasional demonstrations and vandalisations. However, in the last year, these confrontations have diminished.
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Atena Luna
3 Jul, 2019 21:24

I am really curious what other controversies the children and the building were involved with.
Does it have heavy security due to being built was such wealthy people?
Is there a particular reason that the vandalism stopped (like converting the people of the district)?
Also, isn't it dangerous to have one place for everything? Or are the Children confident enough that no one will try to bring down their church?
I do like the description of the architecture, gives me a clear idea of how it looks like and how grand it is. It makes me curious of how it looks in the inside. Do you have plans on describing the interior of the building?
Great job on the article! ^^

4 Jul, 2019 06:30

Controversy and such will be handled in the article about the children themselves, and this article is already quite long, so I might leave such things up to the imagination of the reader. But those are good questions and some of them may be worth answering in the article.   Vandalism stopped mostly because of lack of motivation and reason. The main controversy is "history" and people don't feel as strongly about them anymore. Some obviously still hate the children, but that's more a case of militant atheism than any controversial backlash.   The main area of the building is open to anyone and don't really have much security. But if you try and access the closed off, private sections, you will quickly realise that it's just a facade. There is plenty of security. Just cleverly hidden.

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