Bullet Creek

Bullet Creek is one of the largest settlements in the Shadowmark and house somewhere between 1500-2000 people. It lies in a valley near one of few natural water sources left in the world. It is built on top of the ruins of an old weapon's factory complex and has grown to become a respectable town. The Powder Kegs, under the leadership of Orkud Ghah, run the town.



The town is firmly under the control of the Powder Kegs, an organisation primarily focused on weapon's manufacture and trade. The Powder Kegs supply and employ the town guard, who are well equipped to deal with any disturbance.  


The weapon's factory complex is made up of five large structures, most of which were ruined in The Cataclysm, but have been partially rebuilt. Particularly the main factory building has been restored and some of its machines even work still. This is where Orkud and the Powder Kegs have their headquarters and offices.   The rest of the town look much like any other wasteland settlement. A mix of stone and dirt buildings, reinforced with corrugated metal sheets.  


Thanks to the nearby river of Kebe', there is access to drinking water in Bullet Creek. There is a well and a water-driven powerplant that provides electricity to the town.   The electricity is of questionable design and is unreliable, so most people have personal biofuel generators hooked up to whatever they feel is important. Most of the electricity produced by the water wheel is used by the weapons factory to produce weapons and ammunition.  


Bullet Creek is unusual in that it is surrounded by a thick, stone wall with lookout towers. This makes the town near impenetrable by any raiding force or wildlife, barring colossi. That, coupled with the great equipment of the town guard, the citizens of Bullet Creek can breathe easily at night.  

Industry and Trade

The Powder Kegs trade weapons, armor and primarily ammunition for food, luxuries and tools with nearby settlements. Thanks to its fame, traders and convoys from afar travel to Bullet Creek to trade.  

Guilds and Factions

The Powder Kegs is the largest gang in the town and they run it as they see fit. There are however several smaller gangs that focus on their own speciality and try to competed with the Kegs. None of them is large enough or well equipped enough to take on the Kegs.
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