Astú Heseti

Chief Technical Engineer Astú Heseti (a.k.a. Hess)

Astú Heseti is a mechanical engineer at ThalCorp Enterprises subsidiary, ThalCorp Industries.  

Character Introduction

The last six months have been great. You’ve finally managed to score a job that pays well and is stable and doesn’t require you constantly risking your fricking behind. And bloody well too! Your gambling debts were really starting to catch up and had grown to an intimidating sum. You barely even know how much it is anymore. But you’ve at least started making payments, which have held off the nice gentlemen with the knee-capping sticks at bay.   You’re currently working as a mechanical engineer at ThalCorp Industries and your work involves maintaining, repairing and developing large mining rigs, mining gear and modules for remote mining bases.   You were out at the local gambling joint really late last night and you had only gotten a few hours of shut-eye when your comms terminal blared that you had a prioritized message.  
You are required for an important mission regarding one of ThalCorps’ mining bases. You are to report to ThalCorp Tower within an hour. For security reasons, more information will be provided on-site.
— Javin Þal, CEO ThalCorp Industries
  Holy flaming bullwinkles?! That sounded important! And just an hour? Crap. You toss on some clothes and shove a snack bar in your mouth as you run down the stairs and call a cab...

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Always dresses in proper, up to date fashion.  

Carried equipment

Credit Chip
Keycard, ThalCorp
Cigarettes (pack of 15)

1 magazine of 7 bullets
Dark gray leather trenchcoat
Black jeans
Gray t-shirt
Modern sneakers

Specialized Equipment

Corporate grade toolkit (decreases small mechanical work difficulty by 2)
Large pipe wrench
Toolbelt with mechanical tools
Toolkit flashlight

Mental characteristics

Personal history

You are a friend of one of ThalCorp’s very skilled engineers: Brok Borgo. He’s a nuclear technician and lifts hella lot of dough. A couple of years ago he lent you a substantial sum of money to cover your gambling debts. He wasn’t happy about it, but he’d rather not see you as paste on some alleyway wall. You’re not sure if he’ll do the favor yet again, or if he’s going to get you to deal with your addiction for real.   Which wouldn’t have been bad, you suppose. About four years ago you were nearly killed as you couldn’t pay off your debts, and the local kingpin sent some goons to collect the debt. You barely escaped alive and managed to pay him off enough to keep him off your back for a while. But now they’re back, like vultures circling a corpse, just waiting for you to screw something up.   Six years ago there was a riot in your district, and you got caught up in the middle of it just as the cops showed up to ”disperse” the rioters. Their idea of dispersing involved grenades and machine guns as they mowed down the crowd. Both rioters, gangsters and innocent bystanders were killed that day, and you managed to escape by ducking behind a burning hover car.   Your parents weren’t so lucky. From your hiding spot you could see that they made it to a nearby pawn shop just as the walkway was hit by a grenade. Ever since that day, you’ve had issues with authority and especially cops.  


Father, Anupu Heseti, killed in District 6 riots in 5359.
Mother, Matarue Heseti, killed in District 6 riots in 5359.

Personality Characteristics


Wishes to pay back his gambling debts. Dreams of becoming rich.


Contacts & Relations

Friend of Brok Borgo, colleague and close friend.
Knows Dr Olvír Valdr. Has spent some time in therapy with him in an effort to treat gambling addiction.


Charming and jovial. Always has something witty to say, unless severely distressed. Adventurous archetype.
Current Location
Year of Birth
81 PC 36 Years old
METRO-1, District 6
Current Residence
METRO-1, District 6
Presented Sex
Dark brown
190 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"You have GOT to be kidding me?"
Aligned Organization
Related Plots
Character Prototype
Han Solo
Illim   Body features
Pale green skin
  Physical condition
Astú is a stout fellow, well trained and looks good. He is in great physical condition.
Left handed
  Employment and education
Mechanical engineer at ThalCorp Industries. Came from relatively wealthy family, had access to university education in mechanical engineering.   RPG traits
Addiction: Gambling -3
Promiscuous -2
Pangs of Conscience -3
Wanted -2
  Charming +3
Iron physique +3
Strong +2
Lucky +2
  RPG Skills
Romance +4
Gambling +5
Acrobatics +4
Diving +3
Mechanic +6
Welding +7
Perception +6
  Combat skills
Melee Weapons +4
Projectile Weapons +3
Unarmed combat + 3

Cover image: by CC BY, Modified by Tobias Linder


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Rachael Dixon
24 Jan, 2021 19:49

Impressive, I created a Kuna character of my own. Should I change the scores to fit the Into the Abyss campaign?

24 Jan, 2021 20:39

Not necessarily. This character is *old*, before CotC officially existed as a setting. Most of the numbers in here likely would be changed if this character was made today.

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