Arcs of Irdar

The Arcs of Irdar are a collection of huge natural rock arches that tower over the sandy rocklands below. Once a popular tourist attraction, now they are little more than a perfect ambush location for Wasteland Raiders.



The arches are believed to be very old, though because of the Cataclysm a lot of historical records were lost so no one really knows just how old they are. They were at least present in their current form before the Cataclysm, but records indicate that the area was considerably more lush prior to the world-ending disaster, not the rocky wasteland it now is.  

Modern day

No sane person would go near the arches today. Because of their shape and location, they are an important scouting position for raiders and going near the arches would mean making yourself a juicy target for the raiders. Many "adventurers" have sought to challenge the arches and climb to their top. None were ever heard from again.  


As if the raiders were not bad enough, the location is frequented by colossi. The raiders seem to have learned of the movements of these massive beasts and how to avoid them. But anyone visiting the arches are in danger of becoming lunch to a enormous predator.
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