The Arcom Nixie is a medium sized luxury abyssion employed by large corporations with significant presence in The Abyss. It is primarily designed as a cargo carrier with support for up to 15 passengers to travel comfortably and over 20 tons of cargo capacity. It is a completely electrical design, driven by six huge batteries, allowing for a range in the excess of 3 000 kilometers before requiring recharge.

The Nixie has a modular design that allows for the more luxurious lounge to be replaced by a standard passenger seating, and the cargo hold can also be replaced with a passenger module. In its full passenger layout, the Nixie is capable of seating 105 passengers comfortably.

Prototyping the Design

Arcom initially designed the Nixie as a pure cargo abyssion. It lacked the sleek bow section and had a very large cargo door on the ventral side. This design never made it to the prototyping stage as the ventral door required the vessel to be lifted out of the water for loading and unloading, and that it looked too much like a "fat slug", to quote Armin Vrough, the project lead for the Nixie project.

The idea then arose to make the vessel a modular design that allowed for easy repurposing and simplification of design tailoring for potential customers. While the design can't easily be changed once constructed, different purpose-fit designs can be built and configured in the construction plant. This is also where the corporate luxury focus came into the project and the large, glassed bow section was added.

When the Nixie was prototyped and demoed to potential customers, the bow section of the initial prototype was criticised as a potential weak spot in the event of a collision and was reinforced with composite thermoplane, a transparent metallic that is extremely resistant to cracking and fracturing, in the final design. While this increased the final cost of production significantly it helped ease the worries of potential buyers. The reinforced, transparent bridge section could take a direct torpedo hit and still have a good chance of surviving.


Its luxurious design and sleek exterior has made the Nixie an incredibly popular design and the modular construction, allowing for tailoring to a corporation's needs, is a very welcome option. Almost every corporation with any significant Abyss presence operates at least one of these.


The Nixie has three main entrances. A large, folding door that open outwards and downwards, forming a footway for embarkation and disembarkation. In the event that land is lower than the level of the door, the footway has a retractable stairway that can be deployed. This door sit right in front of the nacelle housing on the center of the hull and can be used to board and disembark the vessel when it is surfaced.

There is also an emergency hatch with airlock on the ventral bow section to allow for emergency disembarkation while submerged. Right behind the conning tower there is also a dorsal hatch that allows disembarkation in smaller moonpools or when the abyssion is heavily loaded (thus having too deep a draft to allow for the side doors to be used).

Used by
230 million credits
21 meters
63 meters
17.5 meters (at mast)
7 meters
~28 000 tons displacement
Cruise: 20 knots
Flank: 45 knots
Complement / Crew
3 (skeleton crew)
Power generation
Dobran Equinox Batteries
Boryx Mainline T56
Weapons & armament
Single 65 mm Torpedo Tube (Optional)
Armor and defense
Refractive Noise Decoy
Communication tools & systems
Hypersonar Array, 20 km range
Standard Sonar Suite
High Frequency Navigation Sonar
Proximity System
Additional & auxiliary systems
Inertial Navigation Systems


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4 Jun, 2021 11:20

Hehehehe, 'fat slug'. I like that it was redesigned into a sleeker model. I haven't really thought about the idea of a passenger submarine before, so I love that as a concept. :D

4 Jun, 2021 11:28

Considering the Abyss (Dunia's version of space) is water, I had to come up with a completely new take on how people would travel in space. :D

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