What do all the acronyms mean?

There are a lot of names and acronyms floating around on these pages and this article will explain how they all relate to one another.


Beyond Reality

Beyond Reality is the company behind the Celenia tabletop role-playing game universe, the CD10 ruleset and all the settings within that universe. Beyond Reality is a one-man venture with The Toblin being the sole writer and designer of the game. The wonderful art on these pages is produced by commissioned artists, primarily Mizomei and Nina Lanfer. In all cases art should be credited to the original artists, even in the places where placeholder art is used. In rare cases some placeholder art is used where no one is credited. In these cases images cannot be traced back to an original creator.  


This is the name of the cohesive universe within which all the different settings exist. It is an umbrella term that, at the time of writing, encompasses both the settings of Dark Shadows and Cinders of the Cataclysm. Settings based in the Celenia universe generally have a focus on the world of Dunia. The name Celenia comes from a continent on Dunia, that has had significant historical impact on that world, particularly in the Dark Shadows setting.  


Main rules repository and related articles: Celenia D10 RPG System
CD10 stands for "Celenia D10 Role-Playing System" and is a narratively focused, fast ruleset designed primarily to be used for TTRPG settings within the Celenia universe, but can be adapted to be used with most settings. It puts a big emphasis on ludonarrative harmony and internal narrative consistency and is primarily designed for non-epic, semi-realistic settings. CD10 shines when used in adventures that are alternate life experiences and when the GM and players prefer to act naturally as their characters, rather than play to mechanics and when a group is looking for a system that is out of their way, quick to resolve and allows the story and action to take preceedence over mechanics and dice rolling.   It does not fit well for demigod-like power-fantasy campaigns, such as the Forgotten Realms and Dungeons and Dragons themes. The system isn't designed to work with those kinds of settings and adapting it to such a theme may be difficult. Your character is not a demigod and will not become one. Characters are "real" people in a real world and must approach their quests with down-to-earth solutions. They do not progress through "levels" to gain arbitrary power, but progress through a fluid progression system focused on making them more experienced and versatile rather than "more powerful".  

Dark Shadows (DS)

World link: Dark Shadows
Celenia: Dark Shadows, or DS for short, is a feudal low-fantasy setting in the Celenia universe in the world of Dunia. It tells the story of a civilisation known as the Kykr, which is the dominant civilisation in the world. The continent of Arjin, where the Kykr reside, is a wasp nest of warring and squabbling nations, pompous nobles and a largely subjugated populace. The recent discovery of a new continent: Celenia, has sparked a gold rush to try and colonise the new continent before other nations, leaving old conflicts festering in the homeland.   The new continent turns out to not be all gold and green forests, as an ancient evil lurks in the shadows. Remnants of a long dead, but incredibly advanced, civilisation is uncovered as rumors of an order of cultists, worshipping a tenebrous evil, start to reach the ears of the faithful. What happened to the old civilisation, and who are the cultists?  

Cinders of the Cataclysm (CotC)

World Link: Cinders of the Cataclysm
Celenia: Cinders of the Cataclysm, or CotC for short, is a postapocalyptic cyberpunk setting, set on Dunia, just like Dark Shadows. CotC takes place 2000 years after the discovery of the continent of Celenia. the Kykr civilisation has defeated the Mystics of the Shadow Order and found that their occult magic can be harvested for energy. With the discovery of what is essentially nuclear energy in the middle ages, the Kykr explodes into a prosperous industrial age.   However, the use of Shadow Power was not without cost, as the Shadow Realm eventually destabilises to the point of collapse, leading to a great Cataclysm. In one disastrous hour, the world is ended and only scattered survivors roam the now shattered and devastated world, barred from entry into the single, surviving mega city: Fusion City.  


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