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Special thanks to Charade for the inspiration to 3D print a skyscraper!
ThalCorp Enterprises is the principal supplier of high-tech electronics, microprocessors, quantum synapses and other cyberware. The ThalCorp Tower is the heart and mind of this business empire. It is a massive skyscraper in the central district of the Vault of Heaven, flanked by four other highrises, owned by other corporations. The five towers, clad in dark, smooth finish, form an oppressive skyline but ThalCorp Tower is the most prominent. ThalCorp Enterprises bought the rights to exceed 350 meters inside the district already when the tower was being designed, limiting the other corporations' towers to that height.  

The Tower


The ThalCorp Tower is the corporate headquarters of ThalCorp Enterprises. It houses the administration, economics, research, network and security divisions of ThalCorp and offices and residences for corporation leads and major members of staff. The building has a high level of security and all staff working in the building only have access to the floors they work on segmenting the building into sectors. Few people have access to all the building and there is corporate security monitoring the building at all times. Some levels have armed guards or security droids on patrol. The public areas of the building are on the lowest levels, while meeting rooms and conference halls are near the top of the tower, providing a magnificent view over the city.


Construction began in 54 PC and was completed two years later. ThalCorp supplied the specifications and list of requirements to Állasygr Development, who built the tower. Állasygr used a brand new method construction and ThalCorp Tower was the first building to be built with their new groundbreaking drone technique. Thousands of drones were used to 3D print the building in place. This method had never been used outside of testing, and only on far smaller buildings. Állasygr put a lot on the line for this project and everything went according to plan.  


The building is a large, imposing structure that belies its comfortable and luxurious interior. The tower is over a hundred floors and just shy of 400 meters tall, clad in a dark gray, matte paint and large glass sections. Vertical red neon details run along its side, about 150 meters tall, starting roughly 100 meters from the ground. The red neon is accented by teal spotlights shining up along the midsection, forming a fence-like structure around the exterior.   The building was designed in 53 PC by Bágriþ Gjallár and rumor has it he was not only paid handsomely for the job but he also demanded a high grade cybernetic neural implant, designed to his specifications. Gjallár is well known for designing effective and secure buildings and he is often contracted to design high security facilities. ThalCorp Enterprises had steep requirements for security and they believed that Gjallár would be up to the task.
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23 Feb, 2019 22:49

Hi I would just like to say amazing work but I would like to know, how much did it cost to build

23 Feb, 2019 23:13

Several billion credits. It's ostentatious and overdesigned with heavy emphasis on security. It's easily one of the most expensive single buildings in the entire megacity.

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24 Feb, 2019 00:34

Ok just scrolling through, I first off must say I love how you formatted everything. Pleasing to the eye and reads easily. This is a little hard to critique because it's so well put together, and you've answered what I would normally ask, so all that really stands out is this bit: "...owned by other corps." "Corps" is used in regards to a military force, ie the Marine Corps, and is pronounced "core." You might want to spell out "corporations" in this instance.

24 Feb, 2019 11:21

Thank you for the read! You're right, I'd actually forgotten about that. "Corps" in this setting would be slang referring to corporations, usually pejorative. But I'll change it right here, because it isn't someone speaking but more information, so "corporations" make more sense. Thanks!

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I like the compact way you've lined up the sidebar with the length of the article's main body. Very pleasing symmetry in layout here.

And you use thorns! For þat alone, I would give you a like, but this is such a well-written article I think you've earned it!

The only section that seems a bit short on desired detail would be Purpose. The mention of what goes on in the tower is rather generic. I found myself wondering what exactly is it that they research in there? Some kind of electronics, I suppose. But I'm sure there is something more specific (and intriguing) to add here.

25 Feb, 2019 06:56

Heh, yeah, one of the languages of the setting is loosely based on old norse, so there's thorns and eths and ashes in there. :)   The research is likely top secret, and perhaps more fitting for an article covering the corporation, rather than the tower itself. I deliberately kept this article "short and sweet", rather than my usual, sometimes overly exhaustive, style.

Author of prize-winning RPG settings Dark Shadows and Cinders of the Cataclysm. Designer of the narratively focused Celenia D10 RPG System.
Sage Dylonishere123
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I enjoy the layout, the pictures are nice as well. My favorite part is the description and it did show this as a major location. My least favorite thing is that it felt like info was missing. What's it like being a normal person and looking up st this 400 meter building. What do the people see and feel. How do they react? I think this is your tower. in that caseni understand since the wordcount limit.

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