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During the fall of 2023, the sun suddenly glowed an unnatural deep blue, as a massive solar flare washed over the Earth for three straight days. Electrical and digital infrastructure was damaged, wreaking cataclysmic mayhem on a world in a digital and information age. Chaos erupted across the world out of fear, people fought for survival, and governments struggled to regain control of their people.   As if this catastrophic state of the world wasn't bad enough, another unforeseeable event happened. Simultaneously across the planet life of all forms began to exhibit strange new abilities; impossible powers only known to exist within the mythology, legend and the wildest of fantasies prior to the event. Creatures, beings and forces of both familiar tales and unknown origins now roamed free, enacting their will and enforcing their presence worldwide. The Earth was violently launched into a New Era.   As some began to gain any control of these powers, faction arose that sought security and influence. Old groups were emboldened by their new-found power, and newer ones arose from the social dynamics of the new world, and conflict and wars broke out between them. In this chaos a new status quo has yet to exist, and so the worlds fate is yet to be determined. What is the new world becoming, and who will be on top?