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World Overview

Æustëra is a world set in the dark ages, best described by the sword and sorcery genre with a touch of dark fantasy. Magic is mysterious and often uncontrollable. Kings and warlords rule the Realms with the secretive Hazards whispering in their ears and controlling the world in the background. Guilds govern commerce and trade throughout the world, and the Faiths direct the people to believe and empower the gods.

Game Mechanics

  Depending on the campaign, 5th Edition D&D or 2nd Edition Pathfinder serve as the chassis for the game.   The vancian magic systems of those games are thrown out and instead casters have less limitations on the number of spells they can cast in any given game day, but not without consequences. Similarly, magic item creation is limited to scrolls and potions from the core rules of the systems, but other items known as Curios, Wonders and Relics can be made by anyone who obtains the elusive Essences of the Ether, the powerful, magical energy that powers the universe.