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The Summonings of Darcanis

Do you see that map on the wall?
Map? It's a hiring for sewer cleaners in the north end. You been drinkin' again?

What? No, it's a map, I swear it!
You know, you're not supposed to eat the thing that's dried at the bottom, yeah? It makes you see things for days. C'mon, sober up, it's an eight hour trip to the range and if we're ever gonna get to that market, we have to leave soon.
  While it is believed to only be scattered around the surrounding areas stretching as far as the southern edges of Arvanoc to the western reaches of Räehal and then further west somehow past the Dragon's Spine, the "summonings" to the legendary city of Darcanis seem to be nothing more than a rumor. However, those who know the tales are well aware that only those worthy may heed its call and see what no one else can.  

Disguised and Disgusting

Ironically, the more unwanted the piece of paper is, the more it is left on community boards and in city hall records. However, while these are left, most of these are written with an invitation along with a drawn and detailed map of where to go in order to find the city shrouded in myth and magical mist.   While those who are unworthy cannot see the message, this does not prevent them from taking advantage of something else that does. This is where the compulsion to take the invitation comes in. Try as they might, they will not be able to remember the map unless they take and keep the paper with them. The invitation then acts as an identifier when approaching the city through the mists at the base of the Spine. Instead of getting lost, only the letter carrier will be able to see what lies for them on the other side.  

The Writers

Unknown to the people, there are many of travelers who leave Darcanis to venture out into the mortal realm whether it is to gather current information, to join an expedition, to complete an assignment, etc. each traveler is tasked with posting up papers in each city, town, or residential area they can find. If they run out of pages, they are able to use a particular pen to scribe exactly what they need to post even more ads, quests, and news in the next area.  

The Blessing of the Valin

One of the skills taught to the Valin before leaving is how to scribe a message without the use of the arcane scribing tools, in order to determine whether or not one they encounter can indeed heed the call of the realm. By writing in Darcani celestial and adding in text decorations, one can make the writing understandable to any and all that in their hearts seek out more to their life and a new purpose.

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