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The Path Under the Stars

General Summary


After saving a member of the Mithral Guard, the only survivor of the mad mage's experiments, the group decided to recover and plan their move forward along their path toward Räehal to meet with a contact that could help them find whoever let the mage loose in the kingdom.  

The Secret in Räehal

With the group headed to Räehal, Captain Belmont suggested to the others that having an elf among them may be beneficial as he knew someone that needed to travel alongside a group into the kingdom. With tensions high, no soldier wished to accompany him and so Folen, the Eladrin, joined the traveling group.   Before heading out, however, Swan asked to speak with Uriel and as the group including Belmont spoke to the soldier, he relayed the details of his mission with permission telling them that while the first half of the message was compromised the details of how to arrange the meeting wasn't. He told them that he had been in contact with members of the Rebellion being led by the would-be-king, Chase'in, and he was to evaluate whether or not an alliance would be beneficial to the kingdom. Before returning, however, he had been ambused by a group of men and nearly had his mission compromised. He lets them know of how to arrange the meeting and Belmont relayed that the Guard will think on it before sending someone back into Räehal.  

The Ally of Winter and Summer

Deciding to move forward to Corrin in order to gear up with new supplies before venturing to the elven kingdom, the party travelled alongside Folen's carriage, which was not only full with wine and liquor (as the Eladrin was an avid drinker/drunk) but pulled by two magnificent stags touched by the magic of the Feywild. Eventually, along their journey, Swan and Folen-- who seemed to have another appearance akin to that of summer as opposed to the pale complexion he had upon meeting them-- discovered what looked to be something off in the distance. Grabbing a guard and rushing over, the party discovered what looked to be an overgrown shrine.  

The Shrine's New Caretakers

As they wandered around with Akmahl dislodging the glass sphere that had been floating, the group discovered that the place was being cared for and attended to by a bearfolk and a cat C'est. As the party worked on unraveling the mysteries of the place for the pair of beings, they realized that the place served a good and decent home for the two and worked what they could in order to make sure that they could make a good living for themselves uninterrupted and caring for the shrine.  

The City on the Border

With nothing but a straight journey, the group come across the main road and see a magnificent city aways off. They had reached Corrin.

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