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Reylan Arnaís Valin

Created by: Mara Jaena
Played by: Mara Jaena

Reylan (a.k.a. Rey)

She has an unknown title about her that seems to be significant only to the place that she comes from and others that know of the Trinity Goddesses.   It is apparent that she is supposed to be doing something but there was no explicit instruction given to her on what to do and how to go about it.   She is new to her powers but is always seeking to learn more and she does have a goal in mind, use these powers to help who she can even those that don't seem worth it.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Though she doesn't appear to be, she is actually quite strong. She carries many things in her backpack and on her person, and it doesn't quite seem to bother her.

Body Features

She has dark umber brown hair though when not in the light could be mistaken for the color of soot. Her hair seems also tinged with gold and strands of red but they're rare and few between and can only be seen in the bright sunlight.   Her hair is normally a mess of waves which she tames down with a few brushes from hair oil and a couple of hairbands.   In terms of her figure, she has an hourglass shape to her.   In the rare moments where she is in a slight state of undress, her arms can be seen to be muscled as are her calves-- a result of climbing all the stairs in the library towers of Darcanis and lifting tomes upon tomes of books.

Facial Features

She has what would have been considered almond eyes were not for the wide and roundish additional shape to them and they are chocolate brown though in certain light you can swear you see a honey gold at the very edges.   Other than that, she has no distinguishable features amongst a wide nose, full lips, and slightly angular jawline.

Special abilities

She has the ability to summon the blade known as Arclight to her hand no matter what the distance is between them. She can also magic away the blade at will.   She was able to learn a special form of Find Familiar that allowed her to bond the pseudodragon, Nyx, to her in order to keep him alive during the dangers of her journey.

Apparel & Accessories

She wears a loose blue shirt and what appears to be a brown leather corset over her chain shirt, trying to make it so that it doesn't appear like she's heavily armored.   She wears a necklace that has a sapphire which rests in the center of intricate wire work that seems to form symbol. On either side of this are polished metal beads of the same size as the wired orb and on it are distinct symbols. On one is what looks to be an intricately carved three-petal flower that sits atop three concentric circles that overlap-- all three have the same center that seem to line at the heart of the flower. On the opposite bead, are three triangles that meet in the center that lie atop three concentric tiered circles all sharing the same center as well.

Specialized Equipment

As a war mage, she trained in typical combat weapons and worked on her strength to be able to wear heavy types of armor.   She does not particularly like maces or other weapons in that vein but she does miss her training batons which are akin to eskrima sticks and she traded her mace to carry around one that has metal at the end.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Reylan comes from a rather important family in the Confederated States though she has not told much other than she has technically left her name behind and is "Just Reylan". A peak into the oldest journal she carries around will have the name Arnaís written into it.


Judging by her penmanship, her speech, as well as her love of books and ability to devour them within a day or two hints towards her education growing up.
  This education was also supplemented by what she has revealed to be eight years of teaching at the Temple of Darcanis-- though what was taught was never specified, it can be gleaned that weaponry was probably one of the things she has learned given her unfamiliarity with specifics.

Intellectual Characteristics

She is always looking into books whether its on her shelves or on others and is always keen to learn something.
  She is also seen constantly writing during her free time whether it's on a random piece of paper or in one of her many notebooks. She is always quick to run through her knowledge of lore and the arcane and is always able to narrow down where to learn something.

Morality & Philosophy

As a believer in the tenets of Valkeryth, Valyrhn, and Kerthae, she understands the dark and the light in the world and that they are needed to keep the peace and the Balance.
  She is not opposed to righting the scales in certain areas or keeping things the way they are as they keep in equilibrium. Any unnecessary harm, killing, or torture of any kind she is loathe to let go in her presence and does what she can to stop it.
  She is against what she deems as zealotry but understands her place is not to enforce beliefs onto those that follow a different diety. She will state her disagreements but not let that cloud her own judgment of how to move forward with a situation or path.

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes

While Reylan is quite good with history, arcana, lore, and medicine, and other subjects based on knowledge and learning, she also has quite a good skill with reading a situation and a person-- though she may take action in a completely different way from the others around her as she's self-assured in her assessment of someone.   She's not quite as good when it comes to interacting with people as she approaches things quite straightforward and with an honesty that some people deem as too forward. In other cases of interaction, she is too curious about things and may cross a line when it comes with what others (especially those in power) are willing to reveal though she may push through in her effort of seeking knowledge or truth.   She's rather nice when it comes to working with or alongside regular people of a town or city and the smaller a business is, the more she goes out of her way to socialize and try to help with her patronage. As for others, those who are either hostile to her, indifferent, etc., she looks to others' examples like Gideon and Valentine who are able to talk to others.   As of late, she is trying to use the truth of situations to either hide some of her intent when it comes to getting out of a troubling situation or when it comes to gaining favor with others.

Likes & Dislikes

When it comes to food, her tastes are rather obvious, she enjoys pastries and other baked goods and likes using breads to make sandwiches with whatever protein ration the party has on hand. She is a big fan of bacon as seen when she always orders a side of it for dinner and occasionally a plate with eggs and others for breakfast. It's only been mentioned by her on one occasion, but she has a love for chocolate and is sad that it is so rare and expensive outside of Darcanis-- though it was something that she was made aware of before leaving as she had not really had it before arriving there.   As for other things, she likes books and anything and everything that has to do with crafting. She has created her own journaling kit that allows her to create notebooks for her own traveler's journal though she can make notebooks for any of the others should they request it of her.   In one instance, she had skinned the crocodile that had killed her horse and had its hide tanned and waterproofed as well as dyed and turned into a pair of deep sea blue (like the sea, tinged with green) traveling journals. One which she gifted to Solanos to accompany him on his journeys and one for herself, which she has turned into her spellbook along with her memory keeper notebook.   She greatly dislikes any unnecessary loss of life. She understands if a beast or animal that attacks them goes down and in that case she is loathe to let its body rot when it can be put to use.   In terms of human life she understands when balancing the lives of attackers and reluctantly strikes back only when she realizes she is interrupting people that have no true malevolence behind their actions and whose only motivation is to survive. Those who seem either sadistic or whose intentions are malevolent and meant to disrupt the Balance of things, she will take out without any issue though will try her best to leave some alive for any information that needs to be gathered.   One of her biggest dislikes are those who hoard beneficial knowledge to themselves. She understands of a guild shares knowledge amongst themselves or a kingdom keeps private their secrets of technology-- but when a sole individual hoards information that should be shared in order to be of help, she loathes that individual deeply. She had initially thought their friend Artemis Zhang was guilty of this when the party had first met him... but turns out he was only protective of the discovery so as to not have his work stolen out from under him before he could present it to his peers at the Bard College.

Virtues & Personality perks

Reylan does her best to make sure that everyone is comfortable around her and makes sure that no one is entirely miserable especially as they all travel together. She is mostly friendly to many and open to share knowledge with those that she deems worthy.   One of the things that Reylan specifically does is grant what is called "Blessing of the Chosen". Before she had left, Reylan was given instructions by her mentor on what to write in Darcani Celestial onto a token or scroll that can be carried by an individual to any temple, haven, or following of Kerythae, Valyrhn, or Valkeryth. The individual will be allowed shelter and haven along their journey to Darcanis where they are granted access to its halls of learning.

Vices & Personality flaws

Reylan has an issue with talking to those who seemed to be of double intent or silver-tongued. She has no problem challenging them though will be wary of how to go about it so not as to instigate any combat that could turn lethal.   It also seems like Reylan likes getting involved in problems and trying to fix it. She knows the world can't be fixed by good deeds alone but she knows that someone's day or someone's life can be changed with good intentions and a little bit of help.

Personality Quirks

She is very quick to consult with her pseudodragon, Nyx, in a whisper when they are alone or out in the open as it's easier for her to voice aloud and for him to telepath seamlessly in communication with her.


She likes to stay rather clean and does like unique smelling soaps and does bathe if she's got nothing better to do. She understands that the road can sometimes get quite messy and dusty and doesn't mind if she remains looking "well-traveled" for a bit... though maybe a week of travel may call for a well-earned bath.

As of late, she always makes sure to use Prestidigitation on herself and others to ensure that they are not a constant mess especially when presenting themselves to others that are in a more official capacity.


Hobbies & Pets

She has a pseudodragon familiar by the name of Nyx that is also her closest and dearest friend. The two of them have the same hobbies such as reading and the pseudodragon loves to explore the world as he has never been outside of Darcanis in his life.   The one hobby that Reylan has separate of her companion is journaling and sketching. Nyx likes to watch her and does occasionally doodle things with his tail with whatever leftover ink she has but other than that, Nyx will spend his time reading and exploring while Reylan journals.   She is beginning to look into other things and is also gaining an interest in seafaring while Nyx is enjoying fishing as he follows Dara's example and lead.


As she comes from the Confederated States, she has a mixed accent which sounds like an Americanized British accent.


Scholarly student of war sent down a path she's not ready to face

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True Neutral
Appears 24
Date of Birth
16th of Dawns 257 MF
The State of Capran of the Confederated States
Current Residence
Former residence: The Temple of Darcanis
Chocolate Brown
Umber Soot
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Mhm, I'm sure."
- Reylan (eyes narrowing in analysis)
Known Languages
⦿ Common
⦿ Celestial (and Darcani Celestial)
⦿ Elvish
⦿ Abyssal

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