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Episode 69: The Plane Between Places

General Summary


After reaching the place of Killian's vision, a place within the path of darkness, and managing to take the key from its celestial guardians. The Wayfinders discovered that it led to the prison of someone whose identity merely remained as the Herald of Belakor. Getting the answers they they sought as well as the metal embedded in his chest, the group leave him eventually giving the key to his prison to Reylan's mentor, Ellana. However, before they utilize the last powers of the portals, Killian places the rune in the center emblazoning a rune on the hands (or paws) of everyone present... a spell is dispersed that they realize has the power to close rifts.  

The Fading Magic

Left with the portals and one more chance, the group decides to instead check in on the help that was needed when they had asked around in Darkfalls instead of using it to travel back to the city. Deciding to double check in on four places, Reylan stepped into the center focusing on the chambers of High Priestess Li, the nearby location of the missing relic--the bones of a Chosen, and the missing Enduring Guard.  

The Missing Enduring Guard

As each person scattered toward a portal, Vasya, Valentine, and Terra looked into what looked to be a dark cave. Falling in and discovering that it led in a ways deeper, they found a hanging cage with what looked to be someone trapped inside. However, as Vasya journeyed forward, her presence was noticed by a hag. Realizing that they didn't have much time, Vasya rushed to the cage and broke it open grabbing the person and with a little help from Valentine the three rushed through the portals.  

The Curse of the Hags

Tetran realized that the lone figure off the in the distance was still within reach of Dimension Door. Realizing that he could make it there and back with his only threat being the person itself, he jumped forward only to find a kid lugging around a large sack. Intimidating him into giving it up, the warlock was able to successfully return with the sack though unsure of what exactly lay inside only to be greeted by the sight of a near emaciated Enduring Guard and the voices of three hags coming from a portal.   Meanwhile, Reylan had rushed forth rapidly relaying a warning to High Priestess Li of what they were after and what they had found in regard to being at the altar and to start a search into Belakor. Killian and Nyx had instead gone to what looked to be open ocean only to discover themselves on the Falcon which was docked on some sort of island-- and surprising Rainbow who had been on sentry duty when they arrived and seemingly the only one on board.   As each returned back to the center, the portals closing they each heard three voices speaking as if one.   "Return that which you have stole and we shall return what was stolen."   As the portals closed and both rangers turned to the others to relay what had happened, they realized they had no more voice to speak and Terra stood in the ring, confused and anxious, as if unknowing of everything around him. The Enduring Guard in the meantime asked why there was no light and the others realized only then that she was under a curse of blindness.  

The Morning After

Realizing that she had to focus on the Remove Curse spell, Reylan prepared it the following morning, lifting the curses off of each of the members before taking a gander at the center of the ring to see if its teleportation magic was restored. She focused on the end of the path of light, Darkfalls, and the Death Room-- or what they had called the Death Room as they had assumed it was a trickster god's trap.   As almost each place was investigated and the Enduring Guard sent to the safety of Darkfalls, Reylan discovered that there was nothing but illusion magic surrounding her as she stepped to the top of what she assumed to be an altar that had the visage of a great celestial dragon. Tetran, in the meantime and with Nyx besides him, realized that where the portal had opened in the Death Room was a place of magical darkness-- while it was filled to the brim with jewels and treasure, there were also spikes that held impaled remains and a statue blindfolded of a man with a smile on his face with his arms out open.   Returning to the center and realizing that they still had transportation magic to take them one place, all they had left was to decide where to go.

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